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NEW Nessie Easter Egg Apex Legends Season 19

NEW Nessie Easter Egg Apex Legends Season 19

Apex Legends has been a fan-favorite battle royale game since it was first released in February 2019. With each new season, Respawn Entertainment adds various new features to the game. However, in Season 19, players were pleasantly surprised to find a new Easter egg involving a creature called Nessie. This Easter egg has been generating a lot of buzz among Apex Legends fans and has been receiving widespread appreciation for its creativity and difficulty.

Let’s start with what Nessie actually is. Nessie is a fictional creature and an inside joke for developers at Respawn Entertainment. It is a small stuffed toy that has made several appearances in other Respawn games, including Titanfall 2 and Apex Legends. However, in Season 19, the developers have included a set of 10 Nessie statues at different locations on the World’s Edge map. Finding and shooting all 10 statues is the challenge that players are currently obsessed with.

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And the challenge is not that easy. The Nessie statues are well hidden, and players need to rely on their experience and skill to find them. They are located in obscure spots like under waterfalls, behind rocks, or in dark corners. The challenge is even harder because all the Nessie statues do not spawn in every game, and it’s never the same pattern for each game. So players need to keep playing to find all the Nessie’s, leading to multiple rounds being played just to find these elusive statues.

The excitement over this Easter egg is infectious. Apex Legends fans are sharing screenshots and videos of the Nessie statues they’ve found on social media, creating a sense of community and camaraderie. Players are also discussing the possible rewards they may receive for finding and shooting all the Nessie statues. At this time, no rewards are confirmed as many speculate it to be a hint towards the next season update, which fans are certainly excited for.

Moreover, the Nessie Easter egg is not just a fun little task; it’s also a testament to the game developers’ creativity and attention to detail. The Nessie statues are not easily visible and being able to notice such minute details and work done by makers only ups the level of respect a gamer can give. The fact that players are still finding new Nessie statues even though the game has been out for weeks speaks to the team’s dedication to making the game more engaging and enjoyable for its users.

In conclusion, Apex Legends fans have found a new reason to be passionate about the game with the Season 19 Nessie Easter egg. The effort put into finding all the Nessie statues seems trivial yet the solidarity and enjoyment gained by the fans is immense. As we eagerly await new possible updates, the Nessie Easter egg is a fun and creative side quest that adds to the already captivating gameplay. So what are you waiting for? Go join the hunt for Nessie and make your victory even sweeter once you complete the challenge.

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