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Apex Care Package Weapons: Season 19 Rotation

Apex Care Package Weapons: Season 19 Rotation

Every season of Apex Legends brings an exciting new lineup of Care Package Weapons that can vastly enhance your gaming experience. These weapons are incredibly powerful and can be the key to victory in your next match. In Season 19, Apex has introduced a new set of Care Package Weapons, which include the following:


The Wingman is a recent addition to the roster of Apex Care Package weapons. This iconic pistol has received a powerful buff, now dealing 50 damage to the body, 45 to the legs, and a whopping 95 to the head. Thanks to the Skullpiercer Elite attachment, the Wingman dishes out massive headshot damage regardless of the enemy’s helmet, making it a formidable weapon in the right hands.


A staple in the Care Package lineup, the Kraber has stood the test of time due to its devastating impact. Although not quite as unstoppable as it once was, the sniper rifle can still change the course of a match with skilled usage. The real challenge is obtaining the Kraber, as everyone wants a chance to wield the game’s most powerful weapon.


The Bocek has received a significant buff in Season 19, featuring faster draw speed and improvements to its Shattercaps. Previously underutilized, the Bocek is now a force to be reckoned with, dealing substantial damage at long range and becoming even more powerful at close range with the new Shattercaps.

Prowler SMG

The Prowler SMG was so powerful that it didn’t require any damage buffs when added to the Care Package rotation. The only change made was the integration of the Select Fire hop-up. This close-quarters SMG is favored by both controller and mouse/key players and can wreak havoc when used effectively, especially equipped with the Digital Threat.

To find out which of these Apex Care Package weapons are inside a specific drop, Skirmisher legends can scan the contents from a distance. This allows you to gauge if your favorite weapon is available for pickup or if it’s time to make a swift exit from potential threats.

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