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Apex Legends’ Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Event

Apex Legends’ Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Event: What’s New and How to Participate

Apex Legends is about to get a major crossover with Final Fantasy 7, offering players a slew of exciting new content. This highly anticipated event, starting on January 9th and running until January 30th, comes loaded with new skins, weapons, and a whole new event mode. Want to learn more about what’s in store, and how you can join in on the fun? Keep reading.

New Game Mode: Final Fantasy VII Takeover

The highlight of the Rebirth event is undoubtedly the new Final Fantasy VII Takeover game mode. Here, players will have the opportunity to wield the iconic Buster Sword R2R5, obtainable through care packages and loot scattered throughout the map. The sword offers light and heavy attacks, damage blocking, and a dash move. Master this powerful weapon, and you’ll even unlock the awe-inspiring Omni-Slash as shown in the event trailer.

Buster Sword: An Heirloom for All Legends

The Rebirth event brings not just one, but two versions of the Buster Sword. Alongside the R2R5 variant, players can obtain the Buster Sword R5 through event packs. Unlike typical heirlooms, this new cosmetic version will be available for all Legends, serving as a unique replacement for your character’s fists or existing heirloom.

Take note: the Buster Sword R5 will only be available during the event through packs, so don’t miss out on your chance to collect this exclusive item.

Fresh Character Skins

Six new Iconic character skins for Wraith, Horizon, Wattson, Crypto, Valkyrie, and Newcastle will debut during the Rebirth event. While these skins won’t be available in the packs, players can find them in the item shop.

Materia Hop-Ups and New Event Currency

The takeover event mode introduces Materia Hop-Ups, providing a diverse range of effects and bonuses. From absorbing enemy health to summoning a Nessie companion, these powerful upgrades can be found in the game world and limited-time Cactuar Ticks.

Additionally, the Rebirth event unveils a new in-game currency called Gil. Earn Gil by participating in matches, and redeem them for event-exclusive rewards, such as packs, badges, and other collectibles.

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Twitch Drops and Previous Event Comparisons

Don’t forget to watch selected Twitch streamers from January 12th to 30th to earn exclusive Twitch drops during the event. Compared to previous events, the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth crossover offers more unique surprises, and an entirely new mode adding a fresh layer to Apex Legends gameplay.

In conclusion, if you’re a fan of either Apex Legends or Final Fantasy, the Rebirth event is definitely worth the hype. Mark your calendars for January 9th, and prepare to dive into the world of Final Fantasy within the Apex Legends universe.

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