Apex Legends Review

Apex Legends: The Hunt LTM Review

Apex Legends: The Hunt LTM Review

Apex Legends continues to dominate the gaming scene, offering an adrenaline-fueled, strategic battle royale experience that has captured the hearts of millions worldwide. A key ingredient in this dynamic formula is the introduction of limited-time modes (LTMs), which inject fresh, thrilling challenges and fun into the game, keeping the community engaged and excited.

The Hunt LTM Overview

Enter The Hunt LTM, the latest innovation to grace the Apex Games. This mode introduces a twist to the traditional battle royale experience, placing participants in a high-stakes environment where every second counts, and every decision can lead to victory or defeat. With the community’s voice at its core, The Hunt has been met with a wave of passionate feedback, demonstrating its impact on the game’s landscape.


Player feedback has been a mix of anticipation and apprehension. A vocal part of the Apex Legends community has expressed concerns, stating, “The Hunt game mode is awful. This new event makes pubs awful. Perma scan is dumb, games end before second circle close, third parties are even quicker, so everyone just sends everything.” Despite these challenges, the voice of the community continues to be a driving force in Apex Legends’ evolution.

Pros and Cons of The Hunt LTM

The Hunt LTM, like any bold endeavor, comes with its set of highs and lows.


  • Innovative Gameplay: It pushes the boundaries, encouraging players to adapt new strategies and tactics.
  • Community Engagement: It sparks vibrant discussions and feedback, showcasing the passion of Apex Legends’ players.


  • Gameplay Pace: The accelerated game tempo and permanent scanning feature have raised concerns regarding balance and enjoyment.
  • Event Reception: Mixed reactions towards the inclusion of The Hunt in the Inner Beast collection, with some players longing for the essence of past LTMs.
Comparison with Previous LTMs

Reflecting on past triumphs, such as the Three Strikes LTM from the Post Malone event and the Straight Shot LTM introduced in Season 20, it’s clear that Apex Legends knows how to deliver standout experiences. These modes were celebrated for their innovation and entertainment value, setting a high bar for future LTMs.

The Hunt, amidst its criticisms, also represents an experiment in game design, a testament to Respawn’s commitment to pushing the envelope and exploring new horizons in gameplay. While not every LTM will resonate with every player, the continual evolution of Apex Legends through modes like The Hunt is what keeps the game vibrant and challenging.


The Hunt LTM emblemizes the daring spirit of Apex Legends – an arena where innovation meets intense competition. While it has sparked debate within the community, it underscores the importance of player feedback in shaping the game’s future. Whether you’re a fan of The Hunt or long for the return of modes like Three Strikes and Straight Shot, one thing remains clear: Apex Legends continues to stand out as a beacon of creativity and engagement in the gaming world.

To all the Legends out there, your zeal, dedication, and feedback shape the very core of the Apex Arena. Here’s to more adventures, more challenges, and endless excitement. Keep striving for glory, Legends!

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