League of Legends Patch 14.5: Twisted Fate ADC Falls, Smolder Dominates

League of Legends Patch 14.5: Twisted Fate ADC Falls, Smolder Dominates

In the dynamic battlegrounds of League of Legends, the release of Patch 14.5 has turned the tables, showcasing an astonishing shift in champion preferences and tactics. The spotlight this season shines brightly on the champions we’ve grown to admire and challenge—Twisted Fate and Smolder. This update has set the community abuzz, revealing not just gameplay evolution but the sheer excitement of mastering new strategies.

Image via Riot Games

Twisted Fate, once a rising star in the ADC role, has experienced significant changes. Despite a soaring popularity that filled the solo queue, Riot Games adjusted his kit, resulting in his presence dwindling in the bottom lane. With over 17 thousand matches played across ranks Platinum and higher, his win rate hovers at a modest 48 percent. However, the essence of a true gamer lies in adaptability; as Twisted Fate returns to the mid-lane, the League community eagerly anticipates witnessing the innovative tactics players will brandish.

Conversely, Smolder remains an undeniable force of nature. Even after targeted adjustments in Patch 14.5 and a micropatch nerf, his dominance is undeniable. Boasting a near 53 percent win rate and a staggering 50 percent ban rate, Smolder has etched his name in the hearts of both novice enthusiasts and seasoned veterans. His blend of raw power and strategic depth makes every match an exhibition of skill and creativity.

The true beauty of League of Legends lies in the community’s engagement and the endless pursuit of excellence. We invite you, the heart and soul of this grand adventure, to share your insights:

  • What are your thoughts on the adjustments to Twisted Fate and Smolder’s continued supremacy?
  • Got a killer strategy for navigating these champion shifts? We’re all ears! Share your tactics and join the conversation around the evolving meta.
  • Who’s making the biggest splash in Patch 14.5? Cast your vote in our latest poll: Twisted Fate or Smolder – the choice is yours!
  • Need an edge? We’ve got you covered with top-tier tips and strategies from the best in the business on countering and capitalizing on these champions’ strengths.

Plus, we’re turning up the heat with an epic giveaway! Show us your most impressive gameplay clip featuring Twisted Fate or Smolder in action during Patch 14.5, and you could walk away with exclusive LoL swag.

Patch 14.5 is more than just an update; it’s a call to arms, an invitation to explore uncharted waters, and a testament to the spirit of competition that drives us all. Whether you’re strategizing for your next clash or displaying sheer brilliance on the battlefield, remember, every match is a step towards greatness.

Stay energized, stay motivated, and above all, keep the spirit of the game alive!

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