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VALORANT agent Deadlock will finally be getting the buff she deserves in Patch 7.10

Deadlock’s VALORANT Buffs: A Deep Dive into Patch 7.10 Changes and Impact on Competitive Play

The VALORANT agent, Deadlock, has been notoriously weak since her release in June, much to the dismay of fans who anticipated her strengthening the sentinel roster. Despite middling performance and dismal pick rates, Deadlock has received scant attention from Riot, until now. Patch 7.10 brings long-awaited buffs to Deadlock, sparking a fervent discussion about how these adjustments will influence the competitive scene.

VALORANT agent Deadlock Patch 7.10.

Deadlock’s GravNet Buffs: Game Changers to Reckon With

Deadlock’s GravNet ability has been notably underwhelming compared to alternatives like Sage’s Slow Orb or Chamber’s trap. However, Patch 7.10 remedies this situation with two significant changes:

  1. Removal Mechanic: Mimicking Cypher’s Spycam dart, GravNet now requires players to manually remove it from their bodies. This mechanic prolongs the GravNet’s effect since removal takes 1.5 seconds (up from 0.8 seconds), providing more strategic opportunities for Deadlock and her team.
  2. Movement Restriction: Agents like Jett can no longer bypass GravNet’s influence with movement abilities. The Patch 7.10 video showcases a Jett fail to escape using Updraft, solidifying GravNet’s zone control utility.

Competitive Impact: Will Deadlock Thrive in the New Meta?

Deadlock’s GravNet gets a slightly increased radius and more. Read about it in Patch Notes 7.10:

Deadlock ChangesPatch 7.10 Screen Shot

Deadlock’s buffs hold potential for her viability in competitive play, considering:

  1. Stronger Synergy: Deadlock’s enhanced GravNet may now forge better partnerships with agents like Viper and Killjoy that capitalize on enemy immobility.
  2. Map Control: Enhanced crowd control capabilities could play a crucial role in securing key areas like Spike sites or choke points, especially on larger maps where her GravNet can cover multiple entry points.
  3. The Element of Surprise: Deadlock’s historically low pick rate could generate unknown strategies that catch rivals off-guard in upcoming tournaments.

However, potential concerns exist:

  1. The Learning Curve: Adapting to Deadlock’s newfound power might consume valuable time for professional players.
  2. Meta Shifts: VALORANT frequently updates other agents, potentially relegating Deadlock’s potency if other agents are buffed more significantly.

Conclusion: Deadlock’s Rise to Competitive Glory

Though speculation persists, the sheer impact of Patch 7.10’s GravNet buffs bodes well for Deadlock in competitive VALORANT. While these changes are undoubtedly positive, avid followers must remain cautious in expecting Deadlock to be an instant pick/ban choice in tournaments. Teams and players will need time to acclimate and innovate new strategies before Deadlock’s true potential is uncovered.

Ultimately, Deadlock’s buffs represent a step towards enhancing the strategic depth and balance in VALORANT’s eclectic agent lineup. Keep your eyes on the prize, and prepare for a heated series of battles in the coming VCT seasget on!

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