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MaskGun shooting game Free New 1v1 Mode, New Agents & Skins

What’s New in MaskGun? Introducing 1v1 Mode + New Agents & Skins in 3rd Anniversary Update** 🥳🎈🔫

MaskGun is India’s best shooting game with 65MM+ downloads across the globe.

On the 3rd anniversary of Mask Gun, to mark this special occasion, Mask Gun has released a refreshing update packed with tons of new content to make your MaskGun FPS experience even more thrilling. Check out what’s in store for you below!

  • New Competitive Mode: 1v1 Rumble 💥🏆
    Get ready to battle it out with friends and other players in the exciting new 1v1 mode! Show off your sharpshooter skills, climb the ranks and win Gold in the Rumble. May the best shooter claim victory!
  • New Agents: Plushie, Citrus, & Aeon-B 🤖😎
    Introducing three new agents to add some serious oomph to your team. Unlock Plushie, Citrus, and Aeon-B to dominate the battlefield with unique skillsets.
  • New Weapon Skins: Dragonborne 🐉🔥
    Unleash your firepower with deadly new Dragonborne skins for your Shotgun, AR, or Sniper. Rain fire on your opponents and strike fear into their hearts with these awe-inspiring weapon skins.
  • New Look: Improved UI 📱⚡
    Enjoy a smoother gameplay experience with our beautifully redesigned user interface. Navigate menus, customize your loadout, and jump into the action faster than ever before.

Head over to the App Store or Play Store and download the latest MaskGun FPS update today! Please note that the update may take a day or two to become available depending on your region.

Ready, set, aim, and shoot your way to the top in the newest MaskGun FPS 3rd Anniversary Update!

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