Top Indian Gamers Share Vision with PM Modi on Esports

Top Indian Gamers Share Vision with PM Modi on Esports

New Delhi: In an unprecedented meeting that underlines the prominence of the digital entertainment industry, Prime Minister Narendra Modi engaged with elite personalities from India’s esports domain to gain deeper insights into their burgeoning world.

Challenges and Opportunities: Indian Gamers in Discussion with PM Modi

Amidst conversations exploring the rise of gaming in the nation, the career opportunities it harbors, and noteworthy participation from women, this assembly carved out a momentous occasion for key influencers in Indian esports to voice their trials and triumphs directly to a government representative of the highest order.


The Eminent Gaming Personalities

  • Naman Mathur (Mortal): The 26-year-old PUBG Mobile maestro and entrepreneurial mind behind S8UL Esports, Mortal has become an emblem for Indian esports success, both within and beyond the competitive battlegrounds.

  • Animesh Agarwal (Thug): At 28, Thug has extended his reach from the screens of PUBG Mobile to a substantial following across social platforms, fostering community and creativity through his co-founded venture, 8 Bit Creatives.

  • Anshu Bisht (Gamerfleet): Known for the joviality and creativity in his Minecraft play, 26-year-old Gamerfleet is a YouTube darling whose streams are followed by a dedicated fan base.

  • Ganesh Gangadhar (Skrossi): The Valorant virtuoso, recognized as Skrossi, has not only captured the attention of a global audience but has also set a precedent by showcasing India’s potential on the world esports stage.

  • Tirth Mehta (Gcttirth): Beyond winning a historic esports medal for India, 26-year-old Gcttirth stands at the forefront of game development in the country.

  • Payal Dhare (Payal Gaming): With the prestige of winning the Dynamic Gaming Creator of the Year Award, 23-year-old Payal Gaming is fostering a robust female presence in Indian gaming.

  • Mithilesh Patankar (MythPat): The multifaceted entertainer and gamer, 27-year-old MythPat’s unique content has earned him global recognition and back-to-back nominations at the esteemed Streamy Awards.

Illuminating Discussion Points

The dialogue at the meeting brought forth intricate issues like distinguishing skill-based gaming from quick-income games and tackled concerns about video game addiction. The gamers advocated for clear regulations and highlighted the imperative for recognition and support from the government.

Looking Forward

This significant interaction hints at the potential dawn of a new era in Indian esports. With the collective insights of these gaming luminaries, the discussion with PM Modi could spell momentous advancement for the industry, from elevating career prospects to enhancing regulatory frameworks.

Through their exchange of ideas, these top Indian gamers have put forth a collective vision for an esports environment that is inclusive, sustainable, and recognized as a legitimate and promising sector for India’s economic and cultural landscape.


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With the Indian esports scene at a pivotal juncture, the gathered insights and suggestions at this meeting could catalyze significant strides in reinforcing India’s position on the global gaming map, propelling the passions of gamers and the hopes of an industry towards new pinnacles.

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