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CoD Players Convinced MW2’s Guns Haven’t Been Tuned for MW3’s

CoD Players Convinced MW2’s Guns Haven’t Been Tuned for MW3’s Time-to-Kill Changes

Activision’s newest release, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, has faced a number of growing pains since its launch, and the latest issue causing a stir among players is weapon balance. Fans of the franchise have taken to social media, voicing concerns that their beloved MW2 weapons are underperforming against MW3’s newly introduced guns.

The root of these concerns stems from a significant change in player health in MW3, which has increased from 100 points to 150. Initially, this increase in health pool was positively received––players believed that it would lead to a more engaging and skill-based time-to-kill (TTK) mechanic.

TTK inconsistency is real or am I going crazy?
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However, as gamers have adjusted to MW3’s gameplay, they’ve started noticing that their once-powerful MW2 firearms are falling short. According to these players, the game’s weapons were initially tuned to be effective at 100 HP, but haven’t been adjusted to accommodate the new, higher health pools in MW3. This imbalance has left nearly two-thirds of the returning weapons, blueprints, and upgrades from MW2 at a disadvantage compared to the new arsenal introduced in MW3.

Numerous disgruntled players have taken to social media platforms to share their concerns. One frustrated gamer remarked, “Damn near every single one of [my MW2 weapons] gets shit on by the stock BAS-B.” They argued that if MW2 guns were to be brought into the new game, they should be properly balanced for all gameplay modes.

Despite these widespread complaints, Sledgehammer Games has yet to confirm or deny whether the older weapons were intentionally left untouched or simply overlooked in the transition to MW3. This lack of communication raises eyebrows considering that some players may have invested real money to acquire or upgrade their weapons from MW2.

Amidst this ongoing debate, other players have pointed to issues such as aim assist, server quality, and netcode as possible sources of inconsistency in gameplay. Many hope that these problems can be resolved as server loads stabilize and developers address game performance concerns.

In the meantime, the CoD community will have to await official updates from Sledgehammer Games on weapon tuning, balancing, and potential fixes.


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