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PMGC 2023 League Group Yellow: Schedule, Teams, Streaming, and More

PMGC 2023 League Group Yellow: Schedule, Teams, Streaming, and More

Welcome to the PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) 2023 League Stage, where the world’s best mobile esports athletes gather for the chance to display their skills and compete for the prestigious title of PUBG Mobile World Champion! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about PMGC 2023 Group Yellow, including the schedule, participating teams, live streaming details, an overview of the tournament itself, and an analysis of each team’s potential performance.

Tournament Overview: The Format 

PMGC 2023 is the ultimate battleground for PUBG Mobile enthusiasts and features 50 of the top teams from around the globe. Taking place from November 2nd to December 10th, participating teams will vie for their share of the massive $3 million prize pool. The league stage, running from November 2nd to November 26th, will see 48 teams duke it out, aiming to secure their spots in the Grand Finals.

Group Yellow holds particular significance as it hosts an intense series of matches across four days, ultimately determining the three teams moving directly to the Grand Finals and those moving to the Survival Stage for another chance at the title.

2023 PUBG Mobile Global, Points table

Group Yellow Details and Schedule

Group Yellow consists of 16 skilled teams competing in a total of 24 matches. Here’s a complete breakdown of the schedule for Group Yellow:

  • Day 1: November 16th
  • Day 2: November 17th
  • Day 3: November 18th
  • Day 4: November 19th
Matches will take place across these four days, with six showdowns happening on each date. The teams participating in Group Yellow include:
  1. Vampire Esports
  2. BTR Red Villains
  3. SEM 9
  4. Genesis Esports
  5. Influence Rage
  6. Team Queso
  7. Major Pride
  8. De Muerte
  9. Brute Force
  10. RUKH Esports
  11. IHC Esports
  12. 4Merical Vibes
  13. Team Weibo
  14. Dplus
  15. Beenostorm
  16. DRS Gaming

These 16 teams will fight tooth and nail for their chance to reach the Grand Finals. At the end of the 24 matches, the top three teams will qualify directly for the Grand Finals, while teams placed 4th to 11th will move on to the Survival Stage. The bottom five teams will be eliminated from the competition.

PMGC2023 League Qualification Points table

Streaming and Commentary

Catch all the action from PMGC 2023 Group Yellow live on YouTube at PUBG Mobile Esports official channel: Expert commentators and analysts will be on hand to offer insights and post-match breakdowns, providing a comprehensive and captivating experience for viewers.

Who’s taking the 2023 PUBG MOBILE Global Championship Crown? 👑

Team Analysis and Predictions

Group Yellow is packed with exceptional talent, as each team brings a unique blend of strategies, individual aptitude, and gameplay mastery to the table. BTR Red Villains, for example, are known for their aggressive playstyle and might dominate the early stages of each match. However, they could struggle if stretched thin in the later stages.

Genesis Esports has a strong track record in regional qualifiers, indicating their ability to perform well

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