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Messi is officially co-owner of KRU Esports

Lionel Messi Invests in KRU Esports Alongside Argentina Teammate Sergio Aguero

Argentinian soccer icons Lionel Messi and Sergio Aguero are set to make waves in the esports world, with Messi joining as co-owner of the organization that Aguero founded, KRU Esports. This partnership aims to boost the growth and recognition of electronic sports in Argentina and across the globe.

Messi and Aguero: A Power Duo for KRU Esports

Messi’s investment comes as a welcome surprise after Aguero shared in a recent video post on X (formerly Twitter) that he had reached his limit and needed help overseeing such a large workforce. The duo played together for Argentina and had a long-standing friendship before deciding to join forces in the world of esports.

KRU Esports, established in late 2020 by Aguero, has quickly gained momentum, with teams participating in top-tier games such as Rocket League, FIFA, League of Legends, and Valorant. Messi’s decision to come onboard as co-owner is expected to provide significant support for the organization’s growth and establish a new benchmark for excellence worldwide.

The Duo’s Previous Investments and Future Plans

Lionel Messi, winner of the 2023 Ballon d’Or, and Sergio Aguero, founder of KRÜ Esports, have a history of making significant investments. Messi has previously invested in [restate notable previous investments], while Aguero has had an impact on the esports community since creating KRU Esports in 2020.

As for the company’s future plans, Messi and Aguero’s ownership is poised to attract sponsorship deals and drive its teams towards success in upcoming tournaments, further expanding the KRU brand. This influx of resources and expertise is bound to propel KRU Esports to even greater heights in the competitive esports arena.

Setting New Standards for Traditional Sports and Esports Collaboration

Messi and Aguero’s deep dive into esports is a telltale signal of a growing connection between traditional sports and the digital sports industry. As these world-renowned athletes invest time, money, and reputation into esports, it serves as a catalyst for other professionals to explore similar opportunities.

Undoubtedly, their investment speaks to a major shift in the sports industry, as technology and traditional sports become increasingly intertwined. Moving forward, we can anticipate seeing more athletes following in the footsteps of Messi and Aguero to build electronic sports from the ground up.

In conclusion, Lionel Messi’s investment in KRU Esports, alongside his legendary Argentina teammate Sergio Aguero, is a significant step for the organization and the esports industry as a whole. As they work together to foster growth, both in Argentina and abroad, soccer enthusiasts and esports fans alike can eagerly watch what this partnership will achieve in the near future.

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