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Virtus.pro Makes Bold Return to Apex Legends

Virtus.pro Makes Bold Return to Apex Legends with Championship-Winning Team

In an exciting announcement for fans of competitive Apex Legends, the renowned Russian esports organization Virtus.pro is making a prominent comeback into the game’s competitive scene with the signing of the twice-champion roster formerly known as Team Burger. This return follows a four-year hiatus, signaling the organization’s renewed commitment to dominating the global ranks of Apex Legends.

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The new roster includes an array of talent with names like Dylan “Prycyy” Price, Isaac “Wey” Gorial, and 2022 ALGS Championship winner Rick “Sharky” Wirth. They are coached by Bilal “urban” Fulat, completing a lineup that already carries the weight of an impressive legacy in the circuits.

Virtus.pro’s prior endeavor in Apex left fans yearning for more when the charge was halted by worldly events back in 2020. But time hasn’t stifled their spirit. With the pandemic-related obstacles left in the rearview, Virtus.pro takes on the Apex Legends battlefield once more, leveraging the corporate support by EA and bolstered by a team with ambitions to rival their previous glory.

“Sergey Glamazda, Virtus.pro General Manager, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “We’re thrilled to be back in the Apex Legends scene with such talented players. This team brings a new level of skill and experience that we believe is key to our success in the future.” It’s a statement brimming with promise, one that assures the community that Virtus.pro is not just back, but back with a vengeance.

Amidst this rekindling of efforts within the Apex tier, Rick “Sharky” Wirth, a pivotal force on the roster and ALGS champion, didn’t hold back his eagerness saying, “Joining Virtus.pro is a dream come true. The organization’s legacy and commitment to excellence align perfectly with our goals. We can’t wait to make our mark in Apex Legends under the VP banner.” His words echo a sense of purpose and readied confidence ensuring fans that the synergy between the players and organization is set to captivate audiences and opponents alike.

Adding to the sentiments, Coach “urban” Fulat remarked on the rejuvenated push into the competitive landscape by saying, “After the unfortunate pause in our 2020 season, we’re more than ready to get back out there and show the world what we’re made of. With the support of Virtus.pro, we’re aiming for the top.”

Their first foray back into the frontlines will see Virtus.pro’s newly minted squad, born from Team Burger’s essence but amplified by a historic legacy, grouped against Sharky’s former teammates at DarkZero. This serendipitous turn fuels what may become one of the most anticipated matchups of the season, delivering both a narrative and competitive excitement to the Apex Legends series.

Stay tuned as Virtus.pro writes the next chapter of its storied history in the esports realm — now equipped with a tested champion and his stalwart compatriots poised for an all-new conquest within the adrenaline-powered arenas of Apex Legends.

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