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MW3 Players Beg Devs to Fix ‘Annoying’ Mouse Issue That’s Plagued New CoD Since Beta

MW3 Players Beg Devs to Fix ‘Annoying’ Mouse Issue That’s Plagued New CoD Since Beta

Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) players have united to implore the game’s developers to address a frustrating mouse acceleration issue that has impacted the game since its beta stage. This persistent problem has generated a great deal of annoyance among players who prefer a mouse and keyboard setup, with many even abandoning the control scheme altogether.

One frustrated MW3 player explained, “When trying to aim down the sights, it’s very hard to make small adjustments. Sometimes the crosshair doesn’t move at all, and other times it moves too much, which makes everything feel strange.”

Modern Warfare 3 Will Be The Death Of The Mouse And Keyboard Unless They Change Things!

Mouse acceleration is a feature that causes mouse sensitivity to adjust automatically based on cursor speed, impacting the crosshair in the game. Players often struggle with this feature as it interferes with their accuracy, leading to a less enjoyable experience. To make matters worse, the feature is enabled by default and cannot be deactivated.

The issue has become so prominent that some players have resorted to using controllers instead of their preferred mouse-and-keyboard setup, despite the advantages of the latter. The aim assist that accompanies controller usage adds a notable benefit, further stacking the odds against mouse-based play.

However, the relentless efforts of the MW3 community have led to the discovery of a potential solution. By navigating to Documents, Call of Duty, and Players, players can locate a file called “options.4.cod23.cst.”Editing the line “RendererWorkerCount” and halving the value to match their computer’s core count appears to mitigate the issue for some users.

The MW3 community is pleading with the developers to acknowledge this long-standing bug and implement a permanent fix, allowing players to return to the comfort of their mouse and keyboard setups. With this critical issue addressed, players hope to once again enjoy an engaging, precise, and competitive gaming experience without being hindered by uncontrollable mouse acceleration.

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