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Once Human: Your First Look Awaits!

Once Human Beta: Your First Look Awaits!

The gaming world is abuzz with the latest announcement – Once Human, the highly anticipated MMOFPS set in a ravaged post-apocalyptic open world, is now opening its gates to a select few through an exclusive beta sign-up. If you’ve been dreaming of navigating the desolate landscapes and battling alien-like Deviations, now’s your chance to be among the first to experience the thrill!

Be the Very First to Explore the Wastelands of Once Human

Striving for cutting-edge graphics that tantalize the senses, immersive storytelling to sink your teeth into, and innovative gameplay mechanics to redefine the MMOFPS genre, Once Human is the sandbox shooter that has millions of players at the edge of their seats.

How to Pre-Register for the Once Human Beta: has alsready 10,738,903  Pre-Registration completed 

Joining forces against an otherworldly threat requires more than just courage; it requires action. Here’s how you can jump into some preseason action:

For Mobile (Android) Adventurers:

  • Venture over to the official Once Human webpage.
  • Seek out the ‘Pre-Register on Google Play’ button, and give it a tap.
  • It will ferry you to the Once Human Google Play page where you can tap ‘Pre-Register.’
  • An affirmation message will greet you with “You’ve pre-registered for this game”—confirm with ‘Got it.’
  • Patience, young warrior. Your device will auto-install Once Human when it’s time, and you’ll be notified to join the beta fray!


Screenshot by: esportport


For PC Survivors:

  • Boldly click over to the official Once Human webpage.
  • Hit the ‘Pre-Download Beta Launcher (PC)’ with conviction.
  • Run the ONCE_HUMAN_setup_official.exe to begin your setup.
  • During the installer’s elegant dance, tick the agreement box (make sure to peruse the User
  • Agreement and Privacy Policy).
  • Pick where you want to plant your survival roots with ‘Custom Installation,’ then ‘Install.’
  • Sit back as the Once Human beta installer diligently prepares your apocalypse. !Image 3
  • Activation for Your Once Human Account on PC:
  • All set up? Splendid! Now to wake your account from its slumber:
  • Hit ‘Start Game’ from the Loading Bay Launcher. !Image 1
  • At the ‘Activate Account’ screen, deliver your activation code like a final blow to a Deviation. !Image 2

At the ‘Activate Account’ screen, deliver your activation code like a final blow to a Deviation. !Image 2

Press ‘Activate Account’ with heroic gusto.

Wondering about your top-secret activation code? If you’ve been chosen for the beta from the survey, your inbox will be graced by the coveted code. Keep your eyes peeled!

Stay Wired In for Additional Codes:

Of course, if fortune doesn’t smile upon you with an email, hope is not lost. Regularly check out @OnceHuman_ on Twitter, infiltrate the official Once Human Discord Server, and ally with the official Once Human Facebook page. Devs may dispatch codes intermittently – so stay alert!


With your marching orders in hand, it’s time to secure your frontline position in the world of Once Human. Remember, the Faction requires your grit and Deviations fear your resolve.

Ready. Set. Outlive the apocalypse. 💥

And as a final note for fellow post-apocalyptic enthusiasts – don’t forget to check out “All Anomalies in Pacific Drive and How to deal with them” over at Pro Game Guides, for more survival tactics and insights.

Sign up for the beta now!

This guide is brought to you by an exhilarated survivor and a fan of sandbox shooters, always scouting for the pinnacle of post-apocalyptic life. The Once Human world awaits, recruit – are you up to the challenge?


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