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The Best Overwatch 2 Skins of 2023

The Best Overwatch 2 Skins of 2023: A Comprehensive Guide

Overwatch 2’s designers continued to impress in 2023, adding an incredible collection of skins to an already extensive lineup of cosmetics. Despite some controversy surrounding pricing, a majority of players found the skins to be visually appealing and well worth the cost. Here, we a deep dive into the top Overwatch 2 skins of 2023, exploring their features, lore, and impact on gameplay while providing our expert opinions on which skins are best suited for high-level competition.

Top 6 Overwatch 2 Skins of 2023

6. Water Warrior Sojourn

Water Warrior Sojourn is an elegant and fierce skin that manages to highlight Sojourn’s strengths while emphasizing her half-robot body and rail gun. As a part of the Overwatch World Cup mega bundle, this exclusive skin comes at a high price but is well worth the cost for devoted Sojourn fans.

5. Saitama Doomfist

Heavily inspired by a well-known anime character, the Saitama Doomfist skin showcases the hero’s incredible strength and determination. Fans of the show will appreciate the attention to detail, such as the iconic yellow suit and red gloves, making this skin a fantastic conversation starter among competitive players.

4. Takoyaki Zenyatta

Showcasing Japanese street food culture, the Takoyaki Zenyatta skin completely transforms Zenyatta into an octopus-themed hero, with tools and ornaments clearly inspired by the popular octopus snack. This unique skin is versatile and appealing to both Zenyatta mains and those who appreciate Japan’s rich culinary culture.

3. Lilith Moira

Embracing a darker theme, the Lilith Moira skin pays homage to both Gothic and medieval motifs. Striking a balance between menacing and sophisticated, this skin is bound to serve as a great fit for players seeking to convey a powerful presence on the battlefield.

Some interesting trivia behind this skin includes a reference to the notorious mythological figure Lilith, a seductive and dangerous demon often associated with darkness and rebellion.

2. The LE SSERAFIM Skins

In a bold collaboration with the esteemed designer, 2023 saw the introduction of LE SSERAFIM Overwatch 2 Skins, which brought high-fashion aesthetics to the game. These skins, combining intricate textures and patterns with avant-garde silhouettes, completely reimagined various heroes in a genuinely eye-catching manner.

While the price tag may be steep, these skins make a statement and speak to those who aspire to stand out on the battlefield.

1. Amaterasu Kiriko

The elusive mythic-tier Amaterasu Kiriko skin reigned supreme in 2023, with customizable options that allowed players to craft a truly unique look for their favorite hero. Every aspect of the skin—from hairstyle and headwear to facial details and weapon transformation—is spectaculary curated and aesthetically pleasing.

Based on the Japanese Shinto deity Amaterasu, this skin radiates the essence of the sun goddess, making it the perfect choice for Kiriko. Navigating the controversy surrounding white heroes receiving Asian

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