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Bleed Esports Secures Swedish Veteran IGL Hampus to Propel CS2 Team Forward in 2024

Bleed Esports Secures Swedish Veteran IGL Hampus to Propel CS2 Team Forward in 2024

In a strategic move following the winter holidays, Bleed Esports officially confirmed the signing of their first player for the upcoming season – Swedish veteran in-game leader (IGL) hampus. With his wealth of experience in the esport world, hampus is set to guide Bleed’s CS2 team throughout 2024.

Bleed Esports first demonstrated its commitment to becoming a significant force in the CS2 scene by bringing on renowned CS:GO coach Aleksandar “⁠kassad⁠” Trifunović in November. Tasked with building a competitive roster to propel Bleed’s CS2 project, Kassad took just over a month to make the crucial first player signing.

Hampus comes with an impressive résumé in CS:GO, having played with the Majors-winning organization Ninjas in Pyjamas from 2020 to 2023. With hampus serving as IGL for most of his tenure with the Ninjas, his transition to a similar role at Bleed appears to be a natural fit.

In an interview with hampus, he expressed his enthusiasm for the opportunity stating, “I am excited to take on this challenge with Bleed Esports and build a solid and successful team. It’s an honor to lead the CS2 squad, and I’m confident we’ll achieve great things together.”

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However, hampus’s transition to CS2 poses questions about his ability to adapt. With years of experience in CS:GO under his belt but without any professional CS2 experience, hampus will face a period of acclimatization. His position as IGL makes this process essential for the team’s overall success in the coming year.

Bleed is known for its meticulous approach to building its roster. Following the appointment of Kassad as coach, the organization took its time to secure hampus, the first of its team members. This decision lines up perfectly with Kassad’s strategy of securing in-game leader and primary AWPer positions as building blocks for the team’s success.

When asked about the recent signing, a Bleed eSports official emphasized their confidence in Kassad’s selection, saying, “We fully trust in Kassad’s vision and ability to bring together an unstoppable roster. Hampus has a proven track record as an IGL, and we believe his expertise will be invaluable to our CS2 project.”

With half of Kassad’s initial goal achieved, fans and neutrals alike applaud the choice of hampus as a critical building block for the team. Time will tell how this signing and future acquisitions will impact Bleed’s performance on the competitive stage.

As the 2024 season approaches, Bleed eSports and their new IGL, hampus, now focus on building a cohesive and skilled squad. The upcoming months will shed light on the effectiveness of this new roster and the results they can achieve. Keep your eyes peeled for more news about the unstoppable force Bleed intends to become in the world of esports.

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