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The Finals Instantly Smashes MW3’s Player Count to Become a Breakout Hit on Steam

The Finals Instantly Smashes MW3’s Player Count to Become a Breakout Hit on Steam

Following an incredibly successful beta period and a surprising shadow drop at The Game Awards, The Finals has quickly skyrocketed in popularity and left MW3 in the dust. As a free-to-play game on Steam, The Finals has had a meteoric rise, amassing over 200k peak concurrent users on launch day and 221k the day after. This impressive launch has propelled the game to the top of Steam charts, drawing comparisons to industry giants like Counter-Strike 2 and DOTA 2.

While it’s no small feat for any game to compete with the massive player bases of persistent chart-toppers like Counter-Strike 2 (1.2m+ concurrent players) and DOTA 2 (700k), The Finals has already proven to be a formidable contender. In fact, the game’s initial success has even surpassed that of Lethal Company, which previously shook up the charts by breaking the 100k concurrent player barrier.

To put The Finals’ achievements into perspective, its closest competitors have lower 24-hour peak numbers: Apex Legends (336k), GTA V (253k), Baldur’s Gate 3 (150k), and MW3 (140k). While it’s worth noting that MW3 has a presence on and enjoys considerable popularity on console platforms, there’s no denying that The Finals’ performance on Steam is nothing short of extraordinary.

The Finals’ initial success can also be measured by the overwhelming number of reviews it has received on Steam, with over 20k of them being positive. Despite some occasional server hiccups and a few minor changes since the beta, the game’s thrilling multiplayer experience has kept players engaged and consistently drawn newcomers.

As The Finals continues to dominate Steam’s charts, surpassing even the storied franchises like MW3, it will be exciting to see how it evolves and maintains its momentum. One thing is certain – with its accessible gameplay, competitive spirit, and increasingly enthusiastic player base, this breakout hit shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.

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