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Unlock All Operators in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Unlock All Operators in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3: A Comprehensive Guide

Operators in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) are characters that players can select and customize to enhance their gameplay experiences. These operators add a sense of depth, personalization, and uniqueness as you compete against other players in Multiplayer or team up in Zombies mode. With 24 operators available to choose from across two factions, SpecGru and KorTac, it’s crucial to understand how to unlock them and take advantage of each operator’s unique attributes.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll provide a brief overview of all 24 MW3 operators and detailed instructions on how to unlock each one. Additionally, we’ll offer tips and tricks to expedite the unlocking process and suggest effective strategies to help you achieve your goals. Our guide includes helpful screenshots and images to navigate you through the process seamlessly.

Overview of MW3 Operators

Modern Warfare 3 operators are divided into two different factions: SpecGru and KorTac. Several of these operators are available as part of exclusive editions or preorders, while others require completing specific challenges in-game. Here’s a quick rundown of the available operators:

SpecGru Operators:

  1. Ghost
  2. Price
  3. Blueprint (Mil-Sim)
  4. Rocket (Mil-Sim)
  5. Byline
  6. BBQ
  7. Lockpick
  8. Scorch
  9. Ripper
  10. Jabber
  11. Pathfinder
  12. Jet
  13. Riptide

KorTac Operators:

  1. Warden
  2. Makarov
  3. Blaze (Mil-Sim)
  4. Thirst (Mil-Sim)
  5. Alpine
  6. Enigma
  7. Bantam
  8. Doc
  9. Raptor

For detailed instructions on how to unlock each operator, refer to the section below.

How to Unlock All MW3 Operators

SpecGru Operators

Screenshots and images for each unlock requirement can be placed alongside the bullet points for better clarity

  • Ghost – Available with the purchase of MW3 Vault Edition
  • Price – Available with the purchase of MW3 Vault Edition
  • Blueprint (Mil-Sim) – Immediately unlocked
  • Rocket (Mil-Sim) – Immediately unlocked
  • Byline – Unlocked by getting 3 operator hip fire kills with SMGs in a single MP match
  • BBQ – Unlocked by killing 3 operators affected by your tacticals in a single MP match
  • Lockpick – PlayStation exclusive from preordering the MW3 Digital Standard or Vault Edition
  • Scorch – Unlocked by completing 3 contracts in a single Zombies match
  • Ripper – Unlocked by getting 100 kills in a single Zombies match
  • Jabber – Awarded for finishing the Danger Close campaign mission
  • Pathfinder – Awarded for finishing the Crash Site campaign mission
  • Jet – Unlocked by getting 5 operator kills with snipers in a single MP match
  • Riptide – Unlocked by getting 1 kill with a cruise missile in an MP match

Overview of Operators

There are nine operators available in Modern Warfare 3, each offering its own unique look and background story:

  1. KorTac
  2. Warden
  3. Makarov
  4. Blaze (Mil-Sim)
  5. Thirst (Mil-Sim)
  6. Alpine
  7. Enigma
  8. Bantam
  9. Doc
  10. Raptor

How to Unlock Each Operator

To help you unlock these operators, follow the detailed instructions below:

KorTac, Warden, and Makarov

KorTac, Warden, and Makarov are exclusive operators available with the purchase of the MW3 Vault Edition. To unlock these operators, simply pre-order or buy the MW3 Vault Edition.

Blaze (Mil-Sim) and Thirst (Mil-Sim)

These two operators are immediately unlocked and available to players as soon as they start playing Modern Warfare 3. No additional effort is required to access them.


To unlock Alpine, players must get 3 operator kills while crouching in a single multiplayer (MP) match. To achieve this, make sure to utilize cover and stealth while crouching, as this will make it harder for enemies to spot you.



Unlock Enigma by getting 3 kills while aiming down sights (ADS) in a single MP match. Utilize weapons with quick ADS speed and focus on holding your aim for just the right moment to ensure your shots connect effectively.



To unlock Bantam, perform 1 finishing move in a multiplayer match. Sneak up on enemies and activate a finishing move by pressing the melee button when prompted. Patience and timing are critical to successfully performing a finishing move.



Doc is awarded for finishing the Highrise campaign mission. Simply progress through the campaign storyline to reach the Highrise mission, and upon completion, Doc will be added to your list of unlocked operators.



Unlock Raptor by getting 15 kills while using a specific gun or attachment in a single MP match. Make sure to utilize weapons that suit your playstyle, and focus on improving your aim to maximize your kill count.


Tips for Leveling Up Faster

For more assistance in unlocking operators and leveling up faster in Modern Warfare 3, be sure to check out our guides on multiplayer tips and how to level up faster.


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