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COD Warzone’s Disappointing Godzilla x Kong Collab

Call of duty Warzone’s Disappointing Godzilla x Kong Collab: Bundles Over Fun

Get ready to roar, gamers – or maybe not? The latest Call of Duty Warzone collaboration with Godzilla x Kong is here and, boy, it’s making noise for all the wrong reasons. Strap in as we explore what’s got the community talking – and trust us, they’re definitely talking.

Last year’s titan-sized success brought Godzilla and Kong rampaging into Warzone, complete with epic skins and an exhilarating game mode in Operation Monarch. It was a beastly bash that had us battling in the shadows of legends, earning it a tip of the hat from fans worldwide. 🎮✨

But hold on to your hats because this just in – the newest collab seems to have left the fun on the design room floor. This time around, it’s all about the cosmetic bundles, and our dedicated players are feeling the sting of what could have been a sequel to the monstrous hit.

The Community Weighs In

Across communities from Reddit to Twitter and beyond, players are voicing their concerns loud and clear:

  • “This just feels like a cash grab, where’s the fun of the last event?” vents an impassioned Reddit user.
  • A disappointed tweet echoes the sentiment, “Absolutely underwhelming. Was expecting at least the game mode back.”
  • Over on Discord, a comment reflects a longing for the past, “The bundles are nice, but without a unique game mode, it’s just not the same.”
  • And on YouTube, the feedback is stark, “Missed opportunity to keep the excitement going. Disappointing, to say the least.”
  • While a Twitch chat bubbles up with nostalgia, “They nailed it last time with the game mode. Why not just bring that back?”

A Titan-Sized Miss

The teaser content did just that – teased – and following the reveal, fans were left scratching their heads. With such monumental creatures at the game’s disposal, how did we end up with what some are calling “the worst Godzilla skin in history”?


One player lamented the design choice, pointing out that “The Kong Skin is so bulky.” While the addition of an aesthetic raptor drew comments like, “You guys are adding a raptor skin that looks good but you’re gonna give me the worst Godzilla skin in history? Come on…”

What’s really getting players fired up is the absence of a previously successful game mode that could have ramped up the thrill factor. Many argue that even bringing back Operation Monarch unaltered would have been a win, leading gamers to relive those heart-pounding moments of Titan takedowns.

The Final Word

It looks like Warzone might have missed a shot at repeating history and keeping the crowd cheering. It’s not just about looking sharp with new skins but creating those pulse-pounding experiences that elevate gameplay to legendary status. The question on everyone’s mind is simple – why sideline the spectacle?

We stand with you, gaming community, ready for more than just bundles. We’re all about ramping up the excitement, digging deep into the gameplay, and pocketing those memories that have us telling tales of Warzone’s finest hours.

In the meantime, keep voicing your passion. It’s clear you don’t just play; you care deeply about the how and why of the game. We hear you loud and clear – it’s the thrill of the play that makes the day. Here’s to hoping that Warzone hears the call of the wild and brings back more than just monster-sized merch. Stay tuned, and keep those opinions coming! 🕹️💬

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