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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Season One Update – The Riot Shield Metamorphosis

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Season One Update – The Riot Shield Metamorphosis

The overpowered weapon’s spot in the meta will change following the season one update.

Caption: A player wields a riot shield in Modern Warfare 3, sprinting on Invasion. 

Good news for all Call of Duty enthusiasts: the imminent season one update of Modern Warfare 3 promises to bring some significant alterations to one of the most irksome “weapons” in the entire CoD universe—the Riot Shield.

Changes on the Horizon

Esteemed CoD content creators were recently invited to an exclusive summit hosted by the game’s developers. The purpose of this gathering was to test the latest features in anticipation of the season one massive launch, scheduled for December 6th. One of the attendees, prominent content creator TheXclusiveAce, disclosed several upcoming updates, with the Riot Shield changes sparking particular interest.

The Riot Shield Revamped

Players who opt to use the cumbersome melee weapon will now face a noticeable reduction in their movement speed, even when the shield is merely being carried. The Riot Shield has skyrocketed in popularity throughout recent CoD instalments, as its unique attributes allow users to deflect bullet damage while traversing the map swiftly. Given that the weapon doesn’t break (unlike its predecessors from earlier CoD titles), players have become practically impervious to gunfire from behind when the shield is stowed, allowing them to move across the map at breakneck speeds while surviving an impressive onslaught of bullets.

The upcoming update, however, will force players to weigh the benefits of the Riot Shield against the drawbacks of reduced mobility in MW3. As TheXclusiveAce stated in his assessment of the update, “No more turtling and still zipping around the map like a madman—you are going to be noticeably slowed down.”

A Silver Lining for Riot Shield Fans

Fear not, Riot Shield enthusiasts, for the Sledgehammer developers aren’t completely decimating your beloved defensive tool. As a form of compensation for the movement penalty, you will now be able to eliminate enemy players with just two strikes from the shield’s primary attack, as opposed to the previous three-hit requirement.

This modification aims to encourage players to utilize the shield as both an offensive weapon and front-facing protection, rather than merely equipping it on their back.

Players eagerly await the release of the season one update and are keen to assess how these Riot Shield amendments will impact gameplay and alter the in-game meta. With the developers demonstrating their commitment to enhancing the game’s balance, the Call of Duty community foresees a thrilling and dynamic season ahead.

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