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Code Red: Freedom $50k finals in Apex Legends

Good News for #APEX COMMUNITY: Code Red: Freedom $50k finals in Apex Legends

Welcome to the Code Red: Freedom $50k finals in Apex Legends, where Oxygen Esports have just emerged as your Boom TV Code Red: Freedom Champions! My name is Peter Jones, and I’m thrilled to be your Esports commentator for this intense tournament.

BoomTV are set to host another of their Code Red tournaments for Apex Legends on March 9 as some of the best streamers and players will do battle for a slice of the $50,000 prize pool.

Throughout the competition, we’ve seen some incredible matches, and Oxygen Esports’ journey to the finals has been nothing short of impressive. They have netted a staggering $18k, making a fantastic start to their ALGS Year 4 preparation. The competition was undoubtedly fierce, with Luminosity and Alliance pushing them to their limits. However, Oxygen Esports reached the match point threshold, ultimately winning the tournament at their first attempt!

In this tournament, the exciting addition of Conduit and Storm Point made their competitive debuts. It was fascinating to see how many teams were willing to gamble on the new legends. Six teams, including heavyweights TSM, opted to use Conduit, allowing them to manage their economy more effectively.

Now, let’s dive into Oxygen Esports’ playstyle throughout the tournament. The team consistently focused on excellent positioning, communication, and utilization of each player’s unique skills – a combination which helped them emerge victorious in the end.

In the final match, Oxygen Esports pulled out all the stops, making significant use of Conduit’s shields. This strategy allowed them to gain an advantage in early and mid-game poke engagements. In particular, a game-changing play occurred when their aggressive push caught an enemy team off guard, leading to a crucial team wipe which swung the momentum in their favor.

As the final moments of the match unfolded, Oxygen Esports found themselves in a tense stand-off with Alliance, both teams battling it out for the championship title. Oxygen’s precise coordination and focus on high ground control ultimately gave them the edge they needed. Their well-timed abilities and callouts, coupled with the raw skill of their players, allowed them to secure their hard-fought victory.

And there you have it, folks! Oxygen Esports are your Code Red: Freedom $50k Champions! They’ll be riding high on this momentum as they head into ALGS Year 4, kicking off with the Pro League in late January. Be sure to keep an eye on our roster tracker for any changes, and for all your ALGS coverage needs, stay tuned to esports.gg.

Thanks for joining us for this exhilarating event – until next time, this is Peter Jones, signing off!

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