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Call of Duty Mobile Season 10: The Return of Classic Battle Passes and Exciting New Features

Call of Duty Mobile’s highly anticipated Season 10 is now live, celebrating not only the game’s fourth anniversary but also the return of popular Battle Passes from the past. CoD Mobile players can rejoice as Activision brings back three fan-favorite Battle Passes as part of the Season 10 BP Vault. Get ready for a nostalgia-filled trip as we introduce you to the iconic rewards, updates, and new features included in these passes.

The Past Meets the Present

The returning Battle Passes in the CoD Mobile Season 10 BP Vault are:

  1. Season 8: 2nd Anniversary (2021) – A grand celebration that marked CoD Mobile’s second anniversary, giving memorable skins, weapons, and accessories to players.
  2. Season 10: Shadows Return (2021) – Featuring fan-favorite character skins and meticulously crafted gear, this pass highlights the darkness and mystic theme of the season.
  3. Season 11: Final Snow (2021) – The perfect way to round up your Battle Pass collection with wintry-themed characters, weapons, and cosmetic items.

Let’s dive into the coveted rewards that thrilled gamers across the world and are now available for players to claim once more.

Battle Pass Rewards: A Look Back

2nd Anniversary Battle Pass:

  • Velikan Volcanic Ash
  • Price Bravo 6
  • General Shepherd
  • Alias Battleworn
  • R9-0 Master of Snakes
  • CR-56 AMAX Tattered Shot
  • Holger 26 Anodized
  • RUS-79U Hard Spike
  • RMK2 Future Sharpshooter

Shadows Return Battle Pass:

  • Templar Unredeemed
  • Stansfield
  • Alice Rime
  • Yegor Needleworked
  • LK24 Vanquished
  • KRM-262 Silent Reaver
  • SVD Black Ironwood
  • PP19-Bizon Hidden Prowler
  • AS VAL Tagger

Final Snow Battle Pass:

  • Vagr Modir Whisper of Winter
  • Atlas Crash
  • Soap Cliffhanger
  • Keegan Huntsman
  • KN-44 Frosted Spikes
  • PKM Boru
  • Man-O-War Wolf’s Mane
  • MSMC Deceitful Deity
  • Echo Tasty Treat

Season 10 Brings New Features and Challenges with Ground War: Breach

As if the return of three classic Battle Passes wasn’t enough, Season 10 also introduces Ground War: Breach, a new multiplayer mode with the largest map to ever grace Call of Duty Mobile – Memnos Island. Ground War: Breach will be available throughout the entire season, so don’t miss out on the intense battles and thrilling island action.

Pro Tips for Making the Most Out of Season 10 Battle Passes

To optimize and maximize the benefits of these Battle Passes, we recommend players:

  • Choose your favorite pass wisely: With three Battle Passes returning, make sure you choose the one that best suits your playing style and offers rewards that cater to your preferences in characters, weapons, and cosmetics.
  • Devote ample time to progressing through the passes: Completing the pass levels efficiently requires consistency and dedication. Don’t get discouraged  if you hit a wall and take breaks if needed; remember, the more progress you make with the passes, the better rewards and unlocks that await.
  • Engage in daily events to gain XP: Participate in different daily activities like Contracts, new challenges, or time-limited game modes to expedite your Battle Pass progression and unlock exclusive cosmetic items quickly.
  • Follow social  media channels to stay informed: Keep an eye on the game’s social media accounts for updates and new events, as well as tips and tricks to help you level up faster.

Good luck with your Battle Pass journey!

Remember, the more effort you put in, the better rewards you’ll unlock – so get out there and start playing!


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