Explore a forgotten part of Baldur’s Gate 3 history

Explore a forgotten part of Baldur’s Gate 3 history

A Baldur’s Gate 3 player has deciphered the Infernal writing adorning Karlach’s horn, revealing a grim reminder of her past. And no, it’s not a warranty.

In the ancient city of Baldur’s Gate, among the cobbled streets and towering buildings, a weary player slowly sipped their ale at the local tavern. As they stared at the dancing flames in the fireplace, they couldn’t help but be drawn to the mysterious figure sitting at the other end of the room. Cloaked in shadows, the Tiefling was hunched over, sipping her drink.

“Excuse me,” the player began, trying to sound casual. “I couldn’t help but notice the writing on your horn.”

The Tiefling, known as Karlach, slowly lifted her gaze to meet the player’s eyes. After a moment’s hesitation, she sighed and replied, “Few have ever deciphered it.”

Drawing on the knowledge they had gathered during their countless adventures, the player began to painstakingly decode the Infernal writing. As their eyes darted back and forth, the words started coming together, revealing a cryptic message:

My champion, the Demonsbane. My blood is her strength!

The player’s heart sank as they realized the gravity of the inscription. It was a cruel reminder of Karlach’s torturous past, bound in servitude to the sadistic Zariel, one of the most feared beings in the world.

With earnest determination, the player vowed to help Karlach confront her demons, both literal and metaphorical. They set off on an arduous journey to uncover the source of her torment and find a way to set her free from Zariel’s influence.

Together, they navigated the treacherous terrain of Avernus, encountering deadly monsters and overcoming near-insurmountable challenges. As they ventured deeper into the heart of darkness, they discovered even more chilling evidence of Karlach’s suffering: the name “Zariel” was etched into her flesh, a constant reminder of her enslavement.

The player’s resolve only grew stronger, fueled by their desire to help Karlach heal from her traumatic past and forge a new path in life.

Finally, at the edge of a twisted, sulfuric lake, they found what they were searching for: an ancient artifact capable of severing the unholy bond between Karlach and Zariel. As they prepared to perform the ritual, Karlach hesitated, fear gripping her heart.

“What if I’m not strong enough to endure this?” she whispered.


The player squeezed her hand reassuringly. “You’ve come this far, and you have the strength to overcome this. And I’ll be by your side through it all.”

Karlach nodded, tears streaming down her face, and they began the ritual.

As the arcane energy coursed through the artifact, a warmth enveloped Karlach, banishing the cold grip of Zariel’s chains. Her inscribed skin began to glow, the Infernal script fading away as her freedom finally bloomed into existence.

Embracing her newfound freedom and the potential for empowerment, Karlach thanked the player with a tearful smile. “You saved me from a life of torment, showing me that forgiveness and healing are possible. For that, I am eternally grateful.”

Together, they left behind the sulfurous lake and returned to the city, where a new chapter awaited them both

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