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Steam Breaks Record with Over 33 Million Concurrent Users

Steam Breaks Record with Over 33 Million Concurrent Users and 10 Million In-Game

In an impressive feat, Steam shattered its own concurrent user record this weekend, peaking at a staggering 33,675,229 users on the platform. According to data provided by the Steam Database, not only did it reach a new milestone in active users, but it also saw a record-breaking 10,837,140 players logged into games concurrently. This historic achievement surpasses Valve’s previous record set just a year ago in January 2023, when over 10 million users booted up games simultaneously.

The first full weekend of the year appears to be a popular time for gamers to indulge in their holiday presents, and the most played games this weekend did not disappoint. Topping the charts, Counter-Strike 2 secured first place with a notable 24-hour peak of 1.2 million concurrent players. Meanwhile, Dota 2 held strong in second place with over 730,000 players logged in on the same day.

Other noteworthy contenders included PUBG: Battlegrounds, attracting over half a million participants at its peak this weekend, and Baldur’s Gate 3, which boasted almost 300,000 concurrent players. The latter has demonstrated exceptional staying power since its record-breaking launch last year.

Rounding out the top ten games were diverse titles such as indie horror Lethal Company, timeless hero shooter Team Fortress 2, crime saga GTA V, survival classic Rust, and the ever-popular Call of Duty series. Each of these games drew in over 140,000 concurrent players during the record-breaking weekend.

Steam has been on a roll lately, hosting over 14,000 games in 2023 which surpasses any previous year. This extraordinary success can be attributed to the sheer volume of titles released and the chart-topping launches of games like Starfield, Hogwarts Legacy, and Baldur’s Gate 3.

As we welcome 2024, stay updated with all the latest game releases by checking out the upcoming games of the year and continuing to enjoy Steam’s unmatched gaming experience.

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