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No[o]ne Blasts Current Dota 2 Patch for Diminishing Midlane Dominance

No[o]ne Blasts Current Dota 2 Patch for Diminishing Midlane Dominance

Entity midlaner Volodymyr “No[o]ne” Minenko recently gave an in-depth analysis of the current Dota 2 patch, expressing his dissatisfaction with the evolving meta that has made life increasingly difficult for midlane heroes.

According to No[o]ne, winning a pub match solely through the efforts of midlane heroes has become an uphill battle. The patch has brought about a shift in dynamics, making it challenging for a single midlane hero to carry their team to victory. These sentiments came to light during a recent stream, where No[o]ne drew comparisons between the roles of midlaners and supports.

The internationally renowned player, formerly of NAVI and, has observed that the influence and impact of midlane heroes have diminished significantly in the current meta. In contrast, the significance of support heroes appears to be on the rise.

“Even if I have 10-0 on Puck, it won’t help me win in a Dota 2 game,” he explained. “From my bitter six-month experience of playing this f***king patch, where mid player is a support, I know that it’s not the mid players who carry. That’s how it is at low ranks, but everything is different at high MMR. People there play well and responsibly.”

No[o]ne also reminisced about his past practice of intentionally breaking items in public matches, jokingly attributing this behavior to a desire to end matches as quickly as possible. He sarcastically mentioned attempting to go AFK with the expectation that it would prompt others to end the game swiftly. However, No[o]ne was quick to clarify afterward that he was joking, and his comments should be taken lightheartedly.

No[o]ne officially joined Entity in mid-November 2023, alongside Dmitry “DM” Dorokhin. Despite his inclusion in the team roster, he has not yet had the opportunity to participate in any games with the squad. He notably missed the ESL One Kuala Lumpur 2023 qualification matches due to his vacation schedule, which coincided with the event. However, fans eagerly await the return of this formidable midlaner to competitive play and will be closely following his future insights on Dota 2’s ever-changing meta.

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