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PUBG Mobile Guide to Reach Conqueror Level Quickly

PUBG Mobile Guide to Reach Conqueror Level Quickly

Reaching the Conqueror level in PUBG Mobile is no easy feat, but with dedication and the right strategies, you can scale the ranks faster than others. In this comprehensive guide, we will discuss the fundamentals of the ranking system, gameplay optimization tips, teamwork and communication, game settings, and error handling.

The Fundamentals of Ranking Systems

In PUBG Mobile, your rank is based on your performance in matches. The ranking system places you into a tier depending on your total points, which consist of kill points and rank points. To reach the Conqueror level, you must be within the top 500 players in your region. Here’s a quick breakdown of the key factors affecting your points:

  • Kill Points: Earned for every kill during a match.
  • Rank Points: Based on your overall placement in matches (the higher you place, the more points you earn).


Best Practices and Tips for Optimized Gameplay

1. Play with a Squad

A fixed team with good communication and synergy significantly increases your chances of winning. Communicate using voice chat to coordinate strategies and share vital information with your squad members.

2. Smart Looting

Prioritize getting essential gear (armor, helmet, weapon) quickly. Don’t waste time searching for the perfect attachments. Learn efficient looting routes for different maps and focus on upgrading your gear as matches progress.

3. Avoid Hot Drops

Hot zones are tempting for early kills but carry higher risks of early elimination. Choose less crowded areas with decent loot to secure a good start and improve your survival odds.

4. Vehicles as Allies

Use vehicles strategically to move around the map, flank enemies, and escape dangerous situations. Learn the best vehicle paths for different maps and monitor fuel consumption to avoid getting stranded or surprised.

5. Focus on Placement, Not Just Kills

While kills contribute to your points, consistently placing high (top 10) is crucial for ranking up. Prioritize survival and smart positioning over chasing kill streaks.

6. Adapt to the Circle

Stay aware of the blue zone’s movement and position yourself accordingly. Plan your route, use cover effectively, and avoid unnecessary risks that may leave you exposed.

7. Third-Partying

Capitalizing on opponents’ weakness is key. Attack enemy teams engaged in combat to catch them off-guard and weaken the competition.

Teamwork and Communication

Effective squad play requires shared understanding of the game and strong communication. Call out enemy locations, strategize together, and share supplies to foster a cohesive team.

Adjust and Tweak Game Settings

Customize your game settings to achieve optimal performance. Adjust controls, sensitivity settings, and graphics quality according to your device and personal preferences. Test different configurations to find the best setup for your playstyle.

Handling Issues and Errors

Occasionally, technical issues may arise during gameplay. Keep your game updated, have a stable internet connection, and clear your device’s RAM to prevent crashes or other problems. If you face persistent issues, contact PUBG Mobile support or consult online forums for further assistance.

By implementing these strategies, you can effectively progress through the ranks and increase your chances of reaching the Conqueror level in PUBG Mobile. Stay dedicated, keep practicing, and refine your strategies with each match to become a top player. Happy gaming!

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