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PUBG NEW STATE Mobile Players Face Issues After December Update

PUBG NEW STATE Mobile Players Face Issues After December Update: What’s Going On?

By Kabir Omen, Tech Journalist

PUBG NEW STATE Mobile’s December update has gone live worldwide, bringing new weather, ERANGEL Aurora, weapon adjustments, and more to the game. However, many players have reported experiencing multiple issues since the update took place. We take a closer look at the problems plaguing the game, their impact on devices, players’ feedback, expert opinions, and developer responses.

Known Issues

Krafton, the developer of NEW STATE Mobile, acknowledged the issues faced by players in a recent statement. According to Krafton, some known problems include:

  • Abnormal distortion of all in-game audio
  • Sound being output through the speaker even when the mobile device has been set to silent mode.

While these are the most common issues identified, Krafton encourages players experiencing any other problems to reach out to their customer support.

Severity and Frequency of Issues

The aforementioned issues have been reported from multiple platforms, and Krafton has not yet disclosed the specific devices or OS versions that are affected more than others. It appears that these issues are prevalent enough to warrant the developer’s attention, and players have taken to social media to voice their concerns.

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Player and Expert Feedback

Several players have expressed disappointment and frustration with the recently emerged issues, stating that the new update negatively impacts their gaming experience. As for the causes behind these problems, experts speculate that changes introduced in the update, such as new features and tweaks to the game mechanics, could have led to unforeseen audio conflicts across different devices.

Developer Response and Solutions

Krafton is aware of the issues and is working on fixes. They aim to release a small patch update to address these problems as soon as possible. In their statement, they apologized for any inconvenience players may have experienced and urged them to report other issues through customer support.

Tips for Players

As we await Krafton’s patch to fix these issues, players might try the following suggestions in the meantime:

  • Restart the game or your device to see if it resolves the problem temporarily
  • Check the official NEW STATE Mobile forum or social media pages for any announcements about possible workarounds
  • Reach out to customer support if you come across an issue that has not been mentioned yet. Your input could help the developers identify and fix the problem.

In conclusion, NEW STATE Mobile’s December update has caused some issues for players. Krafton has acknowledged these problems and is working on a patch. Meanwhile, players can try the above recommendations and provide feedback to help hasten the resolution of the issues. Stay tuned for further updates on this situation.


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