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Alpha7 Dominates Day 1 of PMGO Main Event: Points Table Revealed

Alpha7 Dominates Day 1 of PMGO Main Event: Points Table Revealed

The thrills, the spills, and the sheer spectacle! The esports world is buzzing with excitement after witnessing a riveting performance from Alpha7 Esports at the 2024 PUBG Mobile Global Open’s (PMGO) Main Event Day 1 in breathtaking São Paulo, Brazil. Here’s the rundown of the day’s highlights and the much-awaited points table.

Alpha7 Esports shot to the summit, clinching the top spot with a staggering 71 points – talk about setting the stage on fire! Right on their heels, with a competitive spirit that’s equally commendable, are IHC Esports and Regnum Carya Bra Esports, securing second and third places with 51 and 49 points respectively.

Without a doubt, the leaderboard is heating up, and every team’s trying to turn up the heat. Here’s the top 10 rundown – where the drama unfolds and the quest for glory takes a gripping turn:

  • Alpha 7 Esports – 71 Points
  • IHC Esports – 51 Points
  • Regnum Carya Bra Esports – 49 Points
  • Boom Esports – 45 Points
  • REJECT – 40 Points
  • IW NRX – 38 Points
  • Vampire Esports – 36 Points
  • NOVA Esports – 33 Points
  • Team Falcons – 33 Points
  • Royals Of War – 32 Points

Not just content with rocking the leaderboards, teams like NOVA Esports, S2G, and other select elites showcased their might, hinting at the seismic clashes that lie ahead.

The PMGO Main Event pits sixteen teams, drawn from Prelims, Offline Qualifiers, and top performers in prior PUBG MOBILE Esports tournaments, in a showdown that promises to push the boundaries of skill, strategy, and teamwork.

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And guess what? The action’s nowhere near over! Anticipate heart-pounding matches as Day 2 approaches. Will Alpha7 hold onto their title, or will we witness an upset that’ll shake the core of the PMGO?

For those who live and breathe esports, don’t miss a second of this electrifying global spectacle. The Main Event’s streams kick off bright and early at 18:30 IST from April 5th, right through April 7th. With live broadcast opportunities via PUBG MOBILE Esports‘ official Twitch and YouTube channels in multiple languages, it’s a winning shot for fans around the world!

Ready for more fast-paced action? Stay locked in for updates, triumphs, and moments that’ll leave you on the edge of your seat. The race for glory continues, and every play, every move counts. Keep your cheers loud and your passion for the game unmatched – this is esports at its finest!

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