Riot Games Releases New Esports Global Code of Conduct

Riot Games Releases New Esports Global Code of Conduct

Unifying All Esports Environments in the Pursuit of Integrity and Inclusivity

As the 2023 esports season comes to a close, Riot Games has officially introduced a new Code of Conduct that will be applied starting next year. The new Esports Global Code of Conduct aims to create a unified set of rules for all professional and semi-professional esports players, coaches, team owners, representatives, and any other esports professional registered with Riot or involved in Riot Games esports competitions.

Fostering Trust and Safety

Riot Games’ primary goal with these new regulations is to “foster a safe and trustworthy esports environment and to codify the existing rules and practices designed to protect esports players, teams, fans, and the broader Riot esports community.” The universal code remains consistent with previous principles but has been reworked for enhanced clarity and transparency.

Key Principles and Aspects

In a statement, Riot Games emphasized the core values behind the Global Code of Conduct, saying, “The new Esports Global Code of Conduct serves as Riot’s commitment to preserving our ‘Player First’ value integral to competitive gaming. Through consolidating rules and enhancing standards, we aim to foster an esports environment that prioritizes integrity and inclusivity for every individual involved.”

Notable Regulations and Changes

The new Esports Global Code of Conduct covers a wide range of issues, including deliberate underperformance, participation, harassment, sexual harassment, bullying, abuse, threats, bribery, match-fixing, manipulation, gambling, retaliation, and more. A notable addition is the participation commitment clause, requiring individuals to seek approval from a tournament official before withdrawing or declining participation – a response to this year’s LCS Walkout.

Previously, rules varied across different titles and tournaments, prompting Riot to streamline regulations in 2022. By involving stakeholders from various competitive regions, Riot Games has created a cohesive code applicable across all esports titles.

Potential Impact

The Esports Global Code of Conduct will also affect Fantasy Esports, as professionals will no longer be offered “real-world rewards” based on their performance in esports. Additionally, professionals are now prohibited from owning entities engaging in Fantasy Esports contests.

Feedback and Reactions

Professional esports players and fans have largely welcomed the new, unified Esports Global Code of Conduct. Top competitors appreciate the clarity achieved through consolidating rules, while fans are optimistic that the new guidelines will create a more inclusive and competitive environment.

Some critics, however, believe that the Code of Conduct may stifle the growth of Fantasy Esports by imposing restrictions on related rewards and ownership.

Making the Shift

The updated Esports Global Code of Conduct will take effect immediately at the start of the 2024 season, on January 1. For a comprehensive understanding of these changes, refer to the official Esports Global Code of Conduct released by Riot Games.

In conclusion, Riot Games’ new Esports Global Code of Conduct serves as a progressive step towards creating a more inclusive, transparent, and competitive esports environment. By streamlining rules across all titles and addressing the most pressing issues, Riot aims to ensure the continued growth and integrity of the esports industry.

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