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VALORANT Overdrive Bundle: Leaks, Cost, Release Date, and More

VALORANT Overdrive Bundle: Leaks, Cost, Release Date, and More

VALORANT, the widely popular gaming sensation, is about to take a more thrilling turn with the introduction of their latest bundle Overdrive. As per the leaks surfacing online, players can gear up for a visual feast as the striking bundle is expected to bring new skins and accessories to level up their inventory.

Leaked Details about the Overdrive Bundle

The leak comes from the credible source ValorLeaks, which showcases the Overdrive Bundle as featuring four distinct weapons and a melee variant. These weapons include the Vandal, Bucky, Sheriff, Stinger, and the Overdrive Blade. All skins share the primary color scheme of a brilliant red, ensuring that your arsenal stands out in style.

In addition to weapon skins, players can expect Radianite upgrades, allowing for additional color options such as black/gold, blue, and pink. These options will ensure your weapons not only boast striking visuals but also exude diversity.


As VALORANT is known for its premium offerings, the Overdrive bundle is expected to fall under the high price bracket, possibly within the Exclusive or Ultra category. Players might need to shell out around 9,900 to 11,900 VALORANT Points to obtain the bundle, given that the pricing history aligns with the Radiant Entertainment System bundle, the previously highest-priced bundle. There’s still no official confirmation on the exact price, so players may need to be prepared for variations.

Release Date

Without an official release date from Riot Games, Overdrive Bundle enthusiasts are left to speculate about the exact date. However, based on the pattern of previous leaks and releases, players can expect the bundle to be available within the next few weeks. Make sure to be on the lookout for updates from Riot Games to stay informed.

Overdrive Accessories

VALORANT players aren’t just investing in aesthetics when it comes to the Overdrive bundle. The bundle also includes Radianite upgrades that focus on various effects like muzzle flash, inspection, reload animation, kill banner, and finisher. These exclusive effects are expected to match the color of each weapon, providing further visual consistency.

Alongside these effects, players can anticipate a range of accessories such as player cards, gun buddies, and unique sprays to customize their in-game presence.

The Verge of Release

While there is no official announcement to validate this information, the history of accurate leaks by ValorLeaks adds some credibility to the claims. VALORANT fans should stay tuned to updates from Riot Games and monitor their official announcement channels, including their developer diaries for any news surrounding the Overdrive Bundle.

As players await the release, the Overdrive Bundle promises to bring exciting customization options, thrilling effects, unique accessories, and an arsenal upgrade. Be prepared to expand your collection soon with this new premium offering by VALORANT!

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