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2024 LEC Summer Split Rosters Shuffled, Who Will Rise?

2024 LEC Summer Split Rosters Shuffled, Who Will Rise?

With more than half of the year zoomed by, the European League of Legends community is ready for the red-hot action that they’ll enjoy during the 2024 LEC Summer Split.

In classic fashion, Europe’s 10 best League teams will collide over four action-packed weeks to decide which eight teams will move forward into the playoffs. Shortly after, the postseason will feature an exciting double-elimination bracket, giving a second chance to those who fall early while also giving a straight shot at the Finals for the best-performing squads—along with a place at the 2024 World Championship.

Key Highlights

Roster Changes

There have been plenty of roster changes between the Spring and Summer Split, with teams like GIANTX, Karmine Corp, SK Gaming, and Team Vitality all making changes to their starting lineup before the start of the festivities.

G2 Esports:

  • Signed a promising mid-laner from the NA scene, enhancing their already strong lineup.
  • Experienced support player retired, leading to the introduction of a rookie talent.

Team Vitality:

  • Made a bold move by acquiring a high-profile top-laner from a rival LEC team.
  • Replaced their jungle position with an up-and-coming player from the EU regional leagues.

SK Gaming:

  • Experienced a major shift in their coaching staff, with the addition of a well-respected head coach from the Korean scene.
  • Reassigned roles within the team, shifting their ADC to a new position and bringing in a rookie in the AD carry role.


  • Opted for stability with no major roster changes, focusing on refining their strategies and gameplay.

Scores, Standings, and Schedule

2024 LEC Summer Split Regular Season Standings

| Placement | Team | Record |


| First | G2 Esports | 1-0 |

| Second | SK Gaming | 1-0 |

| Third | Team BDS | 1-0 |

| Fourth | Team Heretics | 1-0 |

| Fifth | Fnatic | 1-0 |

| Sixth | Karmine Corp | 0-1 |

| Seventh | GIANTX | 0-1 |

| Eighth | MAD Lions KOI | 0-1 |

| Ninth | Rogue | 0-1 |

| Tenth | Team Vitality | 0-1 |

Week One

Saturday, June 8

  • 10am CT: Team Heretics 1-0 GIANTX
  • 11am CT: SK Gaming 1-0 Rogue
  • 12pm CT: Team BDS 1-0 Team Vitality
  • 1pm CT: G2 Esports 1-0 MAD Lions KOI
  • 2pm CT: Karmine Corp 0-1 Fnatic

Sunday, June 9

  • 10am CT: BDS vs. TH
  • 11am CT: RGE vs. VIT
  • 12pm CT: KC vs. MDK
  • 1pm CT: FNC vs. GX
  • 2pm CT: G2 vs. SK

Monday, June 10

  • 10am CT: FNC vs. VIT
  • 11am CT: GX vs SK
  • 12pm CT: BDS vs. G2
  • 1pm CT: RGE vs. KC
  • 2pm CT: TH vs. MDK

Week Two

Saturday, June 15

  • 10am CT: BDS vs. SK
  • 11am CT: FNC vs. RGE
  • 12pm CT: MDK vs. VIT
  • 1pm CT: TH vs. KC
  • 2pm CT: G2 vs. GX

Sunday, June 16

  • 10am CT: VIT vs. TH
  • 11am CT: RGE vs. G2
  • 12pm CT: GX vs. MDK
  • 1pm CT: SK vs. FNC
  • 2pm CT: KC vs. BDS

Week Three

Saturday, June 22

  • 10am CT: BDS vs. RGE
  • 11am CT: TH vs. SK
  • 12pm CT: VIT vs. GX
  • 1pm CT: G2 vs. KC
  • 2pm CT: MDK vs. FNC

Sunday, June 23

  • 10am CT: RGE vs. TH
  • 11am CT: GX vs. BDS
  • 12pm CT: FNC vs. G2
  • 1pm CT: SK vs. MDK
  • 2pm CT: KC vs. VIT

Week Four

Saturday, June 29

  • 10am CT: FNC vs. TH
  • 11am CT: RGE vs. GX
  • 12pm CT: G2 vs. VIT
  • 1pm CT: SK vs. KC
  • 2pm CT: MDK vs. BDS

Sunday, June 30

  • 10am CT: VIT vs. SK
  • 11am CT: MDK vs. RGE
  • 12pm CT: BDS vs. FNC
  • 1pm CT: TH vs. G2
  • 2pm CT: GX vs. KC

Join the Action

The 2024 LEC Summer Split promises to be an exhilarating spectacle. With significant roster shuffles and the best teams in Europe vying for dominance, there’s never been a better time to tune in.

Stay connected and don’t miss a single moment of the action!

Cheer your favorite team on and track the standings as the excitement unfolds. Let’s see who will rise to the top and earn their place at the 2024 World Championship!

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