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Marvel Black History Month variant covers spotlight Captain America, Luke Cage, and more

Marvel Black History Month variant covers spotlight Captain America, Luke Cage, Rocket Racer, and more

Marvel Comics is all set to celebrate Black History Month in February 2024 with an eye-catching series of variant covers featuring prominent Black superheroes from the Marvel Universe, all illustrated by talented Black artists. This incredible initiative aims to honor the rich representation and contribution of Black creators and heroes in the comic book world.

In this remarkable series, popular characters like Luke Cage and Sam Wilson’s Captain America will share the stage with lesser-known heroes such as Rocket Racer and an unnamed hypothetical sidekick for Black Panther. Marvel fans can also expect to see covers showcasing Miles Morales’ Spider-Man and Night Thrasher, Rocket Racer’s fellow skateboarder.

The most fascinating addition among these variants is the unnamed Wakandan hero who was initially conceptualized as a theoretical sidekick for Black Panther. This character made their debut as a part of Marvel’s New Champions series of variant covers, featuring imaginary teen legacy heroes. Notably, a hero from this series, Maystorm, has already transitioned into official continuity as one of the lead characters in Peach Momoko’s upcoming Ultimate X-Men run.

Here’s a gallery of the Black History Month 2024 covers released so far:

The titles and artists for the Black History Month 2024 variants are as follows:

– Miles Morales’ Spider-Man by Kyle Hotz

– Night Thrasher by Rahzzah

– The Unnamed Wakandan Hero by Damion Scott

– Maystorm by Peach Momoko

– Rocket Racer by Natacha Bustos

February 7

  • Captain America #6 by Mateus Manhanini
  • Fantastic Four #17 by Ernanda Souza

February 14

  • Black Panther #9 by Dotun Akande
  • Miles Morales: Spider-Man #16 by Taurin Clarke
  • Night Thrasher #1 Black History Month Variant Cover by Davi Go

February 28

  • Amazing Spider-Man #44 by Karen Darboe

Marvel’s official announcement states, “This February, Black creators and heroes will take center stage in new Black History Month variant covers. Drawn by some of the industry’s most talented artists, these stunning depictions of your favorite Marvel characters will grace select issues throughout the month.”

Marvel has revealed that their fans can expect to see two more covers in January, likely featuring Miles Morales: Spider-Man and Night Thrasher. Stay tuned as we anticipate the unveiling of these striking covers, which are sure to leave a lasting impression on comic enthusiasts and honor the spirit of Black History Month.


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