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PGL Copenhagen Major Closed Qualifiers

PGL Copenhagen Major Closed Qualifiers: Team Analysis & Predictions

As the CS2 PGL Copenhagen Major Closed Qualifiers approach, let’s take a deep dive into the participating teams, their recent performances, strengths and weaknesses, and potential playoff chances.

European Teams
Virtus Pro

Virtus Pro has a strong roster with experienced players like Jame and buster. The team has achieved consistent success in recent tournaments, placing 2nd in the CS2 European Championship. Their strong map pool, especially on Dust2 and Train, gives them a solid edge in the qualifiers. However, their lack of success on Overpass might be a weakness that opponents could exploit. Overall, Virtus Pro is a team to watch out for given their strong performance in the current meta.

Natus Vincere

Natus Vincere has a legendary player, s1mple, known for his incredible aim and game sense. The team has also added some young talents like B1T and Perfecto. Despite not performing up to their potential in some recent events, they showed glimpses of brilliance, such as the 3rd-4th place finish at the CS2 Europe League. Their map pool seems to be broad, but they struggle most on Vertigo. Natus Vincere has the potential to make it deep into the playoffs if they utilize their players’ strengths.

European CS2 teams in closed qualifiers for Copenhagen Major:
Qualifier A: Qualifier B: Qualifiers for the Closed Qualifier (to be reseeded following open qualifier conclusion:
Virtus Pro MOUZ ex-Thunderflash
Natus Vincere Team Spirit KOI
Cloud9 Eternal Fire Fnatic
BIG Amkal Esports Entropiq
BetBoom Team Astralis Heroic
3DMAX Preasy Esport SINNERS
9Pandas Aurora Gaming IKLA
SAW FORZE Esports Pera Esports
North American Teams

Complexity boasts talented players like jks and blameF. They’ve performed admirably in recent online tournaments, such as reaching the finals of the CS2 North American Premier. Complexity has a strong map pool, but they struggle on Nuke. They’ll need to work on their weaknesses and be in top form to post a deep run in the qualifiers.

Team Liquid

Team Liquid, led by the experienced Nitr0 and young star Grim, has been showing great synergy. They’ve managed consistent placings in recent events, including winning the CS2 North American Pro League. Their map pool is overall balanced but lacks performance on Overpass. As a strong favorite in the NA Closed Qualifiers, Team Liquid looks poised to dominate if they maintain their form.

North America Closed Qualifier: South America Closed Qualifier:
Complexity MIBR
M80 9z Team
Nouns paiN Gaming
Badass Gaming RED Canids
Party Astronauts Imperial
Unjustified Gaming Sharks
Wildcard Gaming Fluxo
Team Liquid Flamengo Esports
NRG Legacy
my life be like ODDIK
vagrants w7m Esports
Filhos de D10S
Case Esports

Regional Qualifiers & Invited Teams

Get ready for intense competition as top teams from Europe, Americas, and Asia-Pacific battle it out in the closed qualifiers for Counter-Strike’s PGL regional division. Stay updated on qualified teams and regions here.

Cloud9 were directly invited to closed qualifiers. Photo by Stephanie Lindgren via BLAST
Underdogs & Dark Horses

MOUZ, with an experienced roster featuring chrisJ and frozen, has the potential to cause some upsets. Their recent performance in smaller tournaments has been impressive, giving them momentum heading into the qualifiers.

9z Team

9z Team, a South American team that quickly climbed the rankings, could potentially take down some big names. They placed 2nd in the CS2 South American Championship and showed a very strategic and aggressive style that might catch opponents off guard.

Possible Dominating Teams

Based on the analysis above, some teams with potential to dominate the Closed Qualifiers include:

  • Virtus Pro (EU)
  • Natus Vincere (EU)
  • Team Liquid (NA)

In conclusion, the PGL Copenhagen Major Closed Qualifiers promise intense competition among talented teams. Prepare for explosive matches, unexpected upsets, and impressive displays of skill in the world of CS2!

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