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Fortnite Festival’s Free Song Lineup on Jan 12th

Fortnite Festival’s Free Song Lineup on Jan 12th: A Day of Epic Performances

On January 12th, Fortnite Festival once again offered fans a chance to experience a stellar lineup of free songs. With a diverse selection of artists and crowd-favorite tracks, the Main Stage became a hub of excitement and brilliant music. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of the songs made available for free, featuring interesting tidbits and fan reactions to the event.

Fortnite Festival Free Songs on Jan 12th:
Featured Songs
  1. **Florence + The Machine – Dog Days Are This upbeat and empowering track from Florence + The Machine’s debut album became a massive hit upon release, setting the tone for an unforgettable Fortnite experience.
  1. Queens of the Stone Age – Go With The Flow
    • Hailing from their seminal 2002 album, Songs for the Deaf, “Go With The Flow” brought a heavy dose of rock energy to the Fortnite Festival.
  1. The Killers – Mr. Brightside
    • A true anthem for the millennial generation, The Killers’ “Mr. Brightside” kept the crowd singing along to the timeless classic.
  1. WitchGang – Nothing’s Alright
  • As the newest sensation on the playlist, WitchGang’s “Nothing’s Alright” infused fresh energy into the crowd with their catchy hooks and infectious beats.
  1. The Cranberries – Zombie
  • With its haunting melody and powerful message, The Cranberries’ “Zombie” proved a fitting tribute to the late Dolores O’Riordan as Fortnite Festival attendees swayed in unison.
New Songs
  1. The Weeknd – Can’t Feel My Face
  • This pop hit had Fortnite Festival-goers dancing along to The Weeknd’s infectious rhythm and irresistible falsetto.
  1. Shawn Mendes – Stitches
  • Shawn Mendes’ hit single, “Stitches,” showed off the younger artist’s sensitive side and resonated well with the festival crowd.

All free Fortnite Festival songs today (Jan. 12)

Featured Songs:

  • Florence + The Machine – Dog Days Are Over
  • Queens of the Stone Age – Go With The Flow
  • Killers – Mr. Brightside
  • WitchGang – Nothing’s Alright
  • The Cranberries – Zombie

New Songs:

  • The Weeknd – Can’t Feel My Face
  • Shawn Mendes – Stitches

Don’t forget, you can play these featured and new songs for free on the Main Stage at the Fortnite Festival! These daily rotations change at 6pm CT, so make sure to take advantage of these free tracks while they last! If you want to keep them forever, you can purchase them for 500 V-Bucks in the Shop. Keep an eye on the list, and enjoy your Fortnite Festival experience!

A Day to Remember

Fortnite Festival on January 12th delivered an electrifying mix of music on the Main Stage, garnering rave reviews from gamers and music enthusiasts alike. As fans rocked out to beloved classics like The Killers’ “Mr. Brightside” and embraced newcomers WitchGang, the event boasted an inclusive and engaging atmosphere.

One of the standout moments involved an impromptu Fortnite dance-off during the performance of The Weeknd’s “Can’t Feel My Face,” with hundreds of avatars showcasing their best moves. Meanwhile, the somber chords of The Cranberries’ “Zombie” created a poignant reflection on the global gaming stage as fans across the globe paid tribute to a music legend.

The January 12th Fortnite Festival once again proved that music knows no bounds. As fans eagerly await the next daily rotation of Featured Songs and new releases, they can rest assured that Fortnite Festival will continue to bring the magic of live music to the virtual world.

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