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Cloud9 vs FlyQuest: LCS Match of the Week Preview

Cloud9 vs FlyQuest: LCS Match of the Week Preview

Get ready for an epic showdown between Cloud9 and FlyQuest in the highly anticipated League Championship Series! (LCS)  Superweek. This week, Week 3 of NA’s premier league kicks off on Friday instead of Saturday, with teams playing three games. And there’s more exciting news: the LCS will now start at 1 PM PT.

So, what can we expect from Cloud9 vs FlyQuest? Let’s dive into the biggest storylines of this epic clash.

Introducing the Rosters:
– Fudge
– Blaber
– Jojopyun
– Berserker
– Vulcan

– Bwipo
– Inspired
– Jensen
– Massu
– Busio

The Udyr Dilemma:
Udyr has been dominating the LCS and is one of the most picked champions worldwide. In fact, Udyr has the best win-loss record of any champion in the LCS, with an impressive 7-1 score. Cloud9 struggled to counter Udyr in their game against Shopify Rebellion, and now they face FlyQuest, with Bwipo showing exceptional skills with the champion. To avoid getting overwhelmed, Cloud9 should consider banning Udyr or have a solid strategy in place.

Blaber vs Inspired: The Battle of the Junglers:
Blaber, the reigning LCS terror, is up against Inspired in what promises to be an exhilarating individual matchup. With the highest number of kills in the league, Blaber is gunning for yet another MVP trophy. On the other hand, Inspired is an early-game ganker, making an impact in the game from the get-go. While both Junglers are exceptional, the outcome may come down to the performance of their respective laners.

Our Prediction:
Cloud9 should be cautious in the top lane, as FlyQuest’s Bwipo is a force to be reckoned with when he’s piloting Udyr. But overall, if Cloud9 can avoid costly mistakes and maintain a stable game, they should come out on top comfortably. With dominant performances from Jojopyun and Berserker in their lanes, the combination of Cloud9’s talented roster may prove too much for Inspired to handle.

Stay tuned to Esportport for the latest League of Legends news and updates on the LCS.

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