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An Innovative ALGS Team Strategy to Beat TSM with Aim Assist

An Innovative ALGS Team Strategy to Beat TSM with Aim Assist

TSM (formerly known as Team SoloMid) has consistently dominated the Apex Legends Global Series ALGS stage for the past two years, but our detailed strategy will help our squad exploit the power of aim assist feature to counter TSM’s gameplay and secure victories.

Analyzing TSM’s Gameplay Style

We have carefully examined TSM’s gameplay and identified key areas that our strategy targets:

  1. Tendency: TSM is aggressive off the drop and confident in their aim, minimizing movement to stabilize shots.
  2. Positioning: They prioritize high ground and use abilities to hold their positions during engagements.
  3. Composition: Currently, they have one pure controller player and one hybrid player.

With this understanding, our strategy focuses on targeting TSM’s game by maximizing our aim assist advantage while leveraging efficient communication, positioning, and individual roles.

Exploiting Aim Assist for Optimal Outcomes
Better Positioning with Aim Assist

To effectively counter TSM’s high ground positioning, our squad will prioritize taking angles that controller players can exploit. These angles should allow our players to easily peek and control their aim with precision, applying constant pressure on TSM.

Efficient Communication for Aim Assist

To maximize aim assist capabilities, communication is key. Our controller players must:

  1. Call out when they enter aim assist range.
  2. Notify teammates of enemies requiring focus fire.
  3. Alert the team to possible flanks or rotations by TSM.

This real-time information sharing ensures our squad is positioned to maximize aim assist and focus fire on TSM’s key players, destabilizing TSM’s strategy.

Individual Roles that Utilize Aim Assist

Assigning specific roles to our controller players ensures the greatest utilization of aim support:

  1. Aggressors: These players will lead engagements, exploiting aim assist to secure early knockdowns or damage, forcing TSM to reposition.
  2. Support: Use legends with crowd control abilities like Gibraltar or Wattson to restrict TSM’s movement, enhancing the aggressors’ effectiveness with aim assist.
  3. Flankers: If TSM exposes their flank or rotates, the flanker player can take advantage of aim assist to punish TSM during rotations.
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The Compelling Game Plan

Our detailed game plan brings together our aim assist-focused strategy:

  1. Landing: Choose a landing spot with adequate cover and varied sightlines, giving our controller players room to exploit aim assist.
  2. Early Game: Gather intelligence on TSM’s positioning and movement while communicating enemy location to our controller players.
  3. Mid Game: Target and pressure TSM during rotations. Our squad should rotate early and set up in advantageous positions to intercept TSM while utilizing aim assist.
  4. End Game: Force TSM into close-quarters engagements where our controller players’ aim assist has maximum effect. Prioritize high ground and always watch for TSM attempting to retake it.

Our squad’s success will come from implementing this innovative game plan, exploiting the power of aim assist, and maintaining excellent communication and coordination against TSM. With careful execution and determination, our squad can not only disrupt TSM’s gameplay but also secure victories against this formidable opponent.

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