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ALGS 2024 Rostermania Tracker: Apex Legends Roster Changes, Rumors, and Updates

ALGS 2024 Rostermania Tracker: Apex Legends Roster Changes, Rumors, and Updates

Welcome to our comprehensive ALGS Rostermania Tracker for the 2024 season! We’ll be your guide throughout the entire year, providing you with all the latest information on player retirements, trades, new signings, and major roster changes for professional Apex Legends teams. Our goal is to give you a complete view of the ALGS esports scene, so be sure to check in frequently for fresh updates.

The 2024 Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) includes: 

  • Split 1 Pro League – EMEA
  • Pro League and Challenger Circuit competition
The Split 1 Pro League will start on the weekend of January 20–21, 2024. The 2024 Split 1 Pro League – EMEA is an online European tournament organized by EA and Respawn Entertainment

Recent Roster Changes and Rumors

  • 100 Thieves confirm exit from Apex Legends Esports
  • Sentinels bench Koyful, add Orioles
  • Fnatic reveal new roster with satuki and Lykq

Year 4: Rostermania Shakeup

As the ALGS 2024 season approaches, several significant roster changes have been announced:

100 Thieves – Exit from Apex Legends Esports

100 Thieves announced their departure after a lackluster performance during the third year of the ALGS Championship. While this decision leaves fans disappointed, we expect to see former 100 Thieves members joining other teams’ rosters as free agents.

North America Pro League rosters

XSET oh Nocturnal, FunFPS, sSikezz
DarkZero Esports Zer0, Genburten, TBD
OpTic Gaming skittleCakes, Knoqd, Dropped
FURIA Esports Xeratricky, Pandxrz, Albralelie
FaZe Clan Snip3down, Frexs, Phony
TSM ImperialHal, Reps, Verhulst
The Dojo iiTzTimmy, Dezignful, Enemy
Already There ImMadness, Keon, Vaxlon
Flat Nano, bigluie, qzz
LG Chivas Neazul, YanYa, Jaguares
Sentinels Xenial, Rkn, Orioles
Oxygen Esports Vein, Reedzm aidanthedestroye
Dudes Night Out dooplex, lou, senoxe
Moist Esports Emtee, Wxltzy, Guild
Native Gaming Clane, Mamba, RamBeau
Ape Gang Bursty, THaless, wifi 0
Elev8 Gaming Zach, Shooby, zap
Complexity Gaming Monsoon
Secret Formula yubn, oisenpai, Viizay
Meat Lovers TeQ, Luxford, zaptoh
SKRT scuwry
ex-NRG sweetdreams, nafen

Sentinels – Bench Koyful, Add Orioles

The Sentinels have made a bold move to bench Koyful after a string of poor results. Orioles, a rising star in the Apex Legends community, has been called upon to take their place. This change may boost the Sentinels’ performance as they prepare for the 2024 season.

Fnatic – New Roster with Satuki and Lykq

In an attempt to revitalize their roster and improve their ranking, Fnatic made a bold move by introducing satuki and Lykq to their team. Fans are excited to see whether this change will bring about a resurgence in Fnatic’s performance.

On the Market: Notable Free Agents

Various high-profile players are on the market, ready to join new teams:

  • Keon ‘Keon’ Berghout
  • Christopher ‘sweetdreams’ Sexton
  • Francisco ‘k4shera’ Alves

Teams to Watch

  • TSM: As the reigning ALGS Championship winners, TSM will be the team to beat in Year 4. Will their dominance continue, or will new challengers rise to the occasion?
  • NRG and Acend: Both teams are leaving the Apex Legends esports scene, creating opportunities for other organizations to fill their spots. Keep an eye out for new teams looking to make an impact.
  • Sentinels and Fnatic: With their recent roster changes, both teams are poised for a potential comeback. Whether these changes will translate into significant success remains to be seen.

Throughout the year, we’ll provide continuous updates on each team’s performance, notable surprises, and critical issues. As with any esports coverage, we will avoid baseless speculation and rumor-mongering, striving to report accurately and responsibly.

Bookmark this page and check back for your go-to source on all things ALGS Rostermania 2024!

Note: As the ALGS Year 4 progresses, keep updating this tracker with roster changes, rumors, and any additional developments in the scene.


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