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Disguised Looks to Conquer the ALGS Tournament with the Signing of The Dojo

Disguised Looks to Conquer the ALGS Tournament with the Signing of The Dojo

The Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) has become an iconic event in the esports community, showcasing the top talent in the competitive gaming scene. With the excitement surrounding the upcoming tournament, Disguised targets victory by strengthening their roster with a significant signing—the professional Apex Legends team, The Dojo.

The Apex Legends Global Series

The Apex Legends Global Series (AGLS) is a competitive tournament series for Apex Legends players on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation featuring a USD $5,000,000 total prize pool, culminating in the ALGS Championship.

A Brief History of ALGS

The ALGS is the premier event for competitive Apex Legends players and teams, attracting a global audience of fans and providing an opportunity for esports organizations to make a name for themselves. The series is a game-changer for the esports community as it has allowed both established and upcoming players to make lasting impacts on the competitive scene.

Disguised’s Journey in Apex Legends

DSG, under the leadership of founder Disguised Toast, has been committed to carving out a place for themselves in the competitive Apex Legends scene. Disguised’s first investment in ALGS came soon after The Dojo’s LCQ success, when they signed Dudes Night Out, a promising team that failed to live up to expectations. Despite the setback, Disguised has shown determination in sticking around and pursuing better results in the coming seasons. Disguised Toast’s decision to sign The Dojo demonstrates their commitment to enhancing their Apex Legends ambitions, bringing iiTzTimmy back into the spotlight.

January 18thDisguised signs The DojoiiTzTimmyDezignfulEnemy and coach Bronzey join

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The Dojo’s Storied Rise and Signing

The Dojo, formed on March 24, 2023, first caught the attention of fans with their Cinderella run in the NA Challenger Circuit, earning a Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ) spot in the ALGS Championship. They took the entire esports world by storm with their fourth-place finish in their LAN debut and a direct invite for the 2024 Pro League season. Their unique playstyle emphasizing creative edge play, ambushes, and long rotations helped to secure the highest kill ratio at the Championship.

Disguised Toast’s acquisition of The Dojo involved jumping some hurdles, as iiTzTimmy, a content creator for 100 Thieves, was initially thought to be off-limits. However, both organizations reached an agreement that mirrored Mac “Albralelie” Beckwith’s arrangement with TSM, allowing iiTzTimmy to compete for DSG while maintaining his content creation duties. iiTzTimmy’s decision to play for DSG unpaid is a testament to his passion for the game and his dedication to the organization, as it allowed salary funds to be redistributed to his teammates and ensure profitability for Disguised during the 2024 season.

A Winning Combination: The Dojo and Disguised

With the addition of the dynamic players of The Dojo, Disguised’s roster is now better positioned to make a deep run at the ALGS tournament. The Dojo’s unpredictable strategies and coordination complement the existing team dynamics within Disguised, creating a formidable force that may well shake up the competition.

Predictions and Expectations for the Upcoming ALGS

As the highly anticipated ALGS tournament approaches, fans have their eyes set on Disguised, excited to see the synergies between The Dojo and the existing lineup play out in competition. Their first Pro League match is set for January 27, where they will face off against Group A in Group C. For those eager to follow the action, it is available for viewing

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