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The Most Disappointing Performances of the 2023 ALGS

The Most Disappointing Performances of the 2023 ALGS

Year Three of the Apex Legends Global Series saw a myriad of unforgettable moments and groundbreaking rivalries, but not all teams brought their A-game to the competition. Some fan-favorite squads failed to meet the high expectations set for them, leading to disappointing performances at the LAN events. Here are just a few of the biggest letdowns from the 2023 ALGS.

1. FURIA Esports at the Split Two Playoffs

FURIA revolutionized the Apex meta with their aggressive playstyle and unique choices in legends. However, their inability to adapt led to a series of disappointing finishes:

  • Falling short: After an 11th-place domestic Split One finish, FURIA picked up the pace and secured fourth place in the Pro League, igniting fan hopes. But they struggled to break the top 10 in any group stage match and dropped out of losers bracket round one, finishing 37th overall.
  • Retirement: The team’s exit marked the retirement of HisWattson and the end of their competitive year, failing to qualify for any further events.
  • Impact: FURIA’s downfall exemplified the necessity of adaptation in the ever-changing world of esports.
2. Vexed Gaming at the Split Two Playoffs

Known for their aggressive edge playstyle, Vexed Gaming performed exceedingly well domestically. However, their performance at the Split Two Playoffs told a different story:

  • Changed strategy: VXD changed their landing spot on World’s Edge, slowing down their pace and lowering loot quality, contributing to their weak performance during group stage.
  • Struggles: Despite sticking to their aggressive strategy, VXD had six consecutive poor games during losers bracket round one, finishing in 40th place overall.
  • Impact: VXD’s poor results emphasized the importance of consistency and adapting to opponents under high-stakes conditions.
3. Fire Beavers (Aurora Gaming)

Visa issues and unfortunate roster changes plagued the Fire Beavers (signed by Aurora Gaming) throughout the year, resulting in disappointing results:

  • Visa problems: Global damage leader taskmast33r was denied entry to the U.K. for the Championship, forcing the team to sign emergency substitutes with limited synergy.
  • Internal disagreements: Issues with substitute Uxako led to Aurora Gaming playing as a duo, raising questions about the organization’s future.
  • Impact: This situation highlights the importance of a stable roster and the challenges that can arise from last-minute changes or external factors.
4. Crazy Raccoon

Year Three proved to be a challenging period for Crazy Raccoon, as they failed to adapt to the international meta and were forced to withdraw from the Championship:

  • Adaptation woes: Despite maintaining domestic success, Crazy Raccoon struggled internationally, leading to consecutive 35th-place eliminations in losers bracket round one.
  • Withdrawal: The mandatory military service of IGL Ras led to the team’s decision to drop out of the Championship completely, ending their competitive year early.
  • Impact: Crazy Raccoon’s hardships demonstrate the importance of adaptability and mental resilience, as well as the potential toll that unexpected events can have on a team’s performance.

But with the start of Year Four, Crazy Raccoon is determined to make a comeback and show the world that they are still a force to be reckoned with in the esports scene.

Despite their ups and downs, Crazy Raccoon has established themselves as a dominant force in the Japanese VALORANT circuit. Founded in 2019, the team quickly rose to prominence within their country, winning multiple domestic tournaments and earning a spot at the prestigious VCT Masters event.

However, during Year Three, things took an unexpected turn for Crazy Raccoon. The team struggled to adapt to the international meta and underperformed at both VCT Stage 2 Challengers Finals and VCT Masters Berlin. They were eliminated in the first round ofThese disappointing performances serve as a reminder that even the strongest teams can falter in the face of adversity. Despite their setbacks, the players and organizations continue to strive for greatness, with the hope of returning stronger in the next season of the Apex Legends Global Series.

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