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Doublelift Doubles Back, Retires from Professional League of Legends—Again

Doublelift Doubles Back, Retires from Professional League of Legends—Again

Today, legendary professional League of Legends player Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng announced his retirement from the game’s competitive scene in a heartfelt 15-minute video posted on social media. In this emotional address, he shared his career trajectory, explained his reasons for retiring, and briefly discussed his plans for the future.

Photo bu Colin Young- Wolff Via Riot Games


This is not the first time Doublelift has retired from professional League. In 2020, after a disappointing season with TSM, he temporarily stepped away from the game to pursue a full-time streaming career. However, he returned for the 2023 season for a one-year stint with 100 Thieves. Now, the prodigious player has decided to step away from the game “for real this time.”

As one of the most decorated and accomplished players in both LCS and professional League history, Doublelift leaves behind an impressive legacy. With a record eight LCS championships under his belt, his accomplishments easily surpass those of other greats such as his longtime teammate Bjergsen. His incredible career saw him on the championship-winning team in six out of seven splits between 2016 and 2019.

Throughout his time as a player, Doublelift was a consistent catalyst for winning. On every team he joined (with the exception of 100 Thieves), he either won an LCS title or took the team to an international tournament, and often achieved both milestones.

Regrettably, the one goal that eluded Doublelift was winning the World Championship. “I feel like I’ve accomplished everything that I have set out to accomplish except for one thing, which is to win Worlds,” he said in his video.

Doublelift’s impact on the American League scene is undeniable, and he fondly reminisced about his time with CLG, where he and the team famously won their first championship in 2015 against rivals TSM. He also expressed pride in his achievements with TSM and Team Liquid, saying, “We had such high expectations, and we still met them.”

As he permanently retires from professional play, Doublelift’s unprecedented accomplishments and victories will surely be missed in both the LCS and the entire League of Legends community.


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