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The Legacy of Doublelift: A Salute to a League of Legends Icon

The Legacy of Doublelift: A Salute to a League of Legends Icon 🏆🏆🏆🏆

Over the years, the League of Legends esports scene has gifted us a plethora of spectacular players known for their talent, charisma, and overall impact on the game. One such player, who has left an indelible mark on the landscape of the North American League of Legends community is none other than Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng.

The Beginnings: From CLG to the International Stage

Doublelift began his professional career with Counter Logic Gaming (CLG), where he honed his skills and quickly rose to fame as one of the best AD Carries in the region. His time at CLG can be highlighted by a pivotal moment in the organization’s history, when, in the 2015 NA LCS Summer Split Finals, CLG bested their longtime rivals, TSM, taking home their first ever LCS title. Doublelift’s outstanding performance played a significant role in delivering that championship-altering victory.

A Journey Through TSM and Team Liquid: Building the Foundation of Domination

Doublelift then went on to join Team SoloMid (TSM), where he continued to shine as a world-class talent, winning several NA LCS championships and representing North America internationally. His time at TSM further cemented his name as one of the best players in the world and brought unprecedented success to the team.

However, his journey didn’t stop there. Doublelift transitioned to Team Liquid, and under the banner of his new team, he propelled them to victory in four consecutive LCS splits, an astounding feat that showcased the true extent of his unwavering dedication and passion for the game.

Throughout his career, Doublelift has secured an impressive eight NA LCS championship titles, firmly establishing himself as a central figure in the region’s competitive scene. His pursuit of the elusive World Championship title is demonstrative of his relentless drive to excel and etch his legacy among the all-time greats.

Hanging Up the Mouse and Keyboard: Doublelift’s Retirement and Legacy

Following the conclusion of the 2020 season, Doublelift decided to hang up his mouse and keyboard, retiring from professional play. While this decision marked the end of an era for the player, there’s no doubt that his career has had a lasting impact on the American League of Legends scene. Many aspiring players will look up to Doublelift as a symbol of perseverance and commitment, and his influence will surely be emulated for generations to come.

As fans and fellow gamers, we salute Doublelift for his remarkable achievements and contributions to the world of esports. His professional journey will not be forgotten, and his legacy will continue to inspire the League of Legends community worldwide.

Match Schedule and Results

Day 1 (2nd December)

Time (PHT) Match
2:00: PM APBR [2] – [0] BG
4:00: PM FF [1] – [0] SMG
6:00: PM GEEK vs HB
8:00: PM ONIC vs BTR

Day 2 (3rd December)

Time (PHT) Match
2:00: PM DEVU vs TOB
4:00: PM BG vs FL
6:00: PM SYS vs BTR
8:00: PM BLCK vs RRQ

Day 3 (4th December)

Time (PHT) Match
2:00: PM SYS vs TE
4:00: PM FL vs Lil
6:00: PM TOB vs GEEK
8:00: PM BLCK vs SMG

Day 4 (5th December)

Time (PHT) Match
2:00: PM BG vs Lil
4:00: PM FF vs RRQ
6:00: PM GEEK vs DEVU
8:00: PM ONIC vs TE

Day 5 (6th December)

Time (PHT) Match
2:00: PM RRQ vs SMG
4:00: PM HB vs DEVU
6:00: PM ONIC vs SYS
8:00: PM APBR vs FL

Day 6 (7th December)

Time (PHT) Match
2:00: PM TE vs BTR
4:00: PM APBR vs Lil
6:00: PM TOB vs HB
8:00: PM BLCK vs FF

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