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WSB Gaming Triumphs: Winner of BGMI OnePlus

WSB Gaming Triumphs: Winner of BGMI OnePlus Dominate Arena February Edition

In an electrifying conclusion to the BGMI OnePlus Dominate Arena, WSB Gaming claimed the championship title with an awe-inspiring performance that left fans and competitors in awe. Dominating the February Edition, WSB Gaming emerged victorious, clinching a staggering 223 points and securing 4 Chicken Dinners across the four-day tournament. Their unparalleled consistency and strategic prowess on the virtual battlefield earned them the coveted top prize of ₹1.35 lakh.

The competition was fierce, with Mystic Esports making a valiant comeback to secure the second position with 153 points and 3 Chicken Dinners, bagging a prize of ₹50,000. Not far behind, Orangutan Gaming, under the leadership of Ash, clinched the third spot with 137 points and 3 Chicken Dinners, walking away with a prize of ₹30,000. Despite being a fan favorite, Team GodLike faced challenges on the final day, ending up in 10th place with 104 points but leaving an indelible mark on the tournament with their spirited gameplay.

The final standings of the OnePlus Dominate Arena showcased a brilliant mix of established champions and emerging underdogs, offering a thrilling glimpse into the evolving competitive landscape of BGMI:

  1. WSB Gaming – 223 Points
  2. Mystic Esports – 153 Points
  3. Orangutan – 137 Points
  4. Reckoning Esports – 136 Points
  5. Uprising Rivals – 125 Points
  6. Galaxy Esports – 125 Points
  7. Team Legacy – 116 Points
  8. ASLAAA Esports – 111 Points
  9. Team Forever – 107 Points
  10. Godlike Esports – 104 Points
  11. Revenant Esports – 100 Points
  12. Team ZERO – 83 Points
  13. TEAM 8BIT – 83 Points
  14. DO Or Die – 77 Points
  15. GUJARAT Tigers – 70 Points
  16. ALIBABA Esports – 47 Points

This tournament was not just a battle for supremacy but a celebration of skill, strategy, and the spirited community that makes BGMI more than just a game. We extend our heartiest congratulations to #WSBGaming and applaud all the teams for their incredible performances.

Here’s to more thrilling battles and awe-inspiring victories in the future. Stay tuned, and keep dominating!

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