Williams Esports announces Student Racing League

Fostering future professionals in esports

The Student Racing League, apart from offering young racers a platform to compete and hone their skills, will be a breeding ground for students interested in pursuing careers within the esports industry. The opportunity to develop crucial skills in performance and operational roles will prove invaluable to their career growth.

The Student Racing League offers a new platform for students to not just engage their passion for racing, but also to develop crucial skills in performance and operational roles in a growing industry, providing valuable experience and development to students aspiring to careers in the field.

The recent partnership between Williams F1 and Gulf Oil International, which also includes the Williams Esports team, serves as an indicator of the esports division’s continuous momentum and potential for growth within the industry.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Student Racing League, and remember to follow the journey of these young talents as they make their mark in the exciting realm of esports. Thank you for your continued support of the Student Racing League and Gulf Oil International. Let’s all be part of something great!

Together, we can make a difference.  Go Team!  #GoTeamStudentRacingLeague.

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