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Transform Your Battleground with PUBG Mobile’s LINE Friends Invasion!

Transform Your Battleground with PUBG Mobile’s LINE Friends Invasion!

🐻 Bear witness to a union like none other in the realm of mobile gaming — where PUBG Mobile’s adrenaline-pumping battles meet the adorable universe of LINE Friends!

In PUBG Mobile’s latest update, immerse yourself in the quest for survival while donning exclusive themed items inspired by the LINE Friends gang. Starting today, champions and fans alike can deck their characters with gear that mirrors the iconic world of SALLY, CONY, CHOCO, and the rest of our beloved LINE pals. These limited-time in-game treasures aren’t just about style — they’re about crafting an experience that unites players from all corners of the Earth.

PUBG Mobile and LINE Friends are back, bigger, better, cuter, and it can all be enjoyed from the comfort of your fingertips. Pick up your LINE Friends Buddy SALLY or tread the battleground in the all-new LINE FRIENDS Lovey Dovey 2-Seat Motorcycle – the latest sensation in the world of wheels. And that’s not all! When you crush the competition as an avatar adorned with LINE Friends’ exclusives’ avatars, it’s not just a game, it’s a statement.

Never one to stop at just the cosmetics, PUBG Mobile introduces an electrifying challenge — the Themed Royale Pass. Embark on a journey that leads to the Line Friends rewards of your dream. With every battle, with every victory, you pave your path to the top, unlock missions, earn points, and claim that exclusive LINE Friends Dragon BROWN Set, an outfit so dapper that opponents will flee at first sight.

But wait, there’s more! With the LINE Friends Party event, test your mettle and win epically cute rewards by simply playing the game. High-stakes missions in a space where courage and companionship reign not only level up your gaming mojo but also snag you avatars, avatar frames, and Player Cards like no other.

This isn’t just a crossover update; it’s a testament to PUBG Mobile’s unwavering commitment to reshaping the borders of fun and friendship in the gaming multiverse. This exhilarating partnership celebrates everything we stand for — fun, innovation, and the growing culture of digital togetherness that PUBG Mobile has so earnestly championed.


Join us on this electrifying journey and become a part of something bigger than just a game. With the Themed Royale Pass, you can unlock exclusive rewards that will make your opponents flee at first sight. And with the LINE Friends Party event, you can test your skills and win cute rewards while playing with your friends.

But this is not just any crossover update; this is a collaboration between two powerhouse brands that are dedicated to bringing joy and excitement to their fans. PUBG MOBILE, the award-winning battle royale game, has taken the world by storm with its intense gameplay and constant updates. And LINE Friends, the beloved global character brand, has captured hearts with its adorable characters and engaging content.

So strap in and take on the world, PUBG Mobile style, with your favorite LINE Friends companions in tow. Stay tuned @esportport as this unbeatable experience unfolds, and remember, the best content is out there… and in here, right in your hands. Let’s drop into this exciting new dimension of gaming together!

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