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How to Complete Fortnite Quests in Season OG of Chapter 4- Guide

How to Complete Fortnite Quests in Season OG of Chapter 4- Guide

Welcome to Fortnite Season OG of Chapter 4! With a focus on the original gameplay, the infamous meteor has returned, and Fortnite quests have become more low-key than before. However, we have plenty of useful tips and strategies that will help you complete these special quests and earn the extra XP you crave. Follow along, and you’ll be a Fortnite Week 4 master in no time!


Week 4 Quests Guide

Here’s what you need to focus on to tackle the Week 4 quests:

  • Search a chest or ammo box within 45 seconds of landing in three different matches: To complete this objective, make sure to start every match with this goal in mind so you don’t miss the timing window.
  • As for the other quests, you can complete them through regular gameplay, and Team Rumble mode can help with damage-related challenges.

Strategies for Completing Fortnite Weekly Quests

  • Fortnite Weekly Quests have returned to their original format and will now last throughout the entire season instead of expiring after seven days.
  • No bonus challenges, for now, all six weekly assignments are available as soon as they’re released.
  • Check the quests section of the main menu or pause menu for a detailed list of challenges and progress tracking options.
  • Keep completing quests to earn more XP for unlockable rewards.

Fortnite Spectra Knight Quests

These are available for OG Pass holders. Completing Weekly assignments unlocks customization options for the Spectra Knight outfit like Helmets, Patterns, Banners, Primary Colors, and Secondary Colors. Monitor your progress in the OG Pass screen.

Fortnite Milestones Quests: New Format

There are now randomized assignments under three separate headings:

  1. Challenge Quests
  • Collect Items (25)
  • Destroy Objects (100)
  • Gain Shields (200)
  • Thank the Bus Driver (1)
  1. Combat Quests
  • Damage Opponents (1,500)
  • Eliminate Opponents (10)
  • Outlast Players (200)
  • Survive Storm Circles (10)
  1. Exploration Quests
  • Collect Ammo (1,200)
  • Open Chests (15)
  • Travel Distance (5,000)
  • Visit Named Locations (3)

By following these tips and strategies, you’ll be well on your way to completing Fortnite Season OG quests in no time! Good luck, and happy questing!

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