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WarioWare: Move It! Review – BROKEN JOY-CONS

WarioWare: Move It! Review – BROKEN JOY-CONS

WarioWare’s latest entry, Move It!, brings motion controls to center stage—but does this shakeup in the gameplay make for a better experience, or does the added fuss become tiring?

Too Much Fuss

Although WarioWare: Move It! continues its tradition of bizarre microgames and chaotic party action, its heavy focus on motion controls may leave you frustrated—or with sore arms at the very least. Playing with friends can provide a good laugh as you all strike absurd poses between microgames, but the inconsistency in the motion controls dampens the experience with cries of “I did the thing! I swear!” echoing throughout your play session. One tip: definitely stick with the supplied Nintendo wrist straps, lest you hurl a Joy-Con across the room due to some slippery palm action.

WarioWare: Move It! inflicts more pain than it does joy. Arms will become tired, motion controls will frustrate, and then the experience will end well before it should. There are some fun microgames packed in here, but it’s such a shame that the execution really lets this entry down.

A Mixed Bag of Microgames

With 200 microgames and a mix of Party mode scenarios and solo session variants, WarioWare: Move It! has plenty to offer. Unfortunately, the gameplay experience can feel marred by awkward poses and lightning-fast swaps between different microgames. As the game ramps up in speed, the cracks in the motion control system become increasingly apparent. For instance, the IR sensor on the Joy-Con is problematic when switching between motions within a matter of seconds, making hand gesture microgames challenging to enjoy.

A Short-Lived Adventure

The Story mode in Move It! clocks in at a brief two hours, with players navigating a Mario Party-style board and enjoying the antics of Wario and his friends on Caresaway Island. While these mini-adventures offer an amusing, meme-worthy distraction, the brevity and repetitiveness of boss encounters leave something to be desired.


WarioWare: Move It! attempts to bring innovation to the franchise with a motion control focus, but the inconsistency and frustration that arises during gameplay detract from the wild and wacky fun this series is known for. Despite its entertaining selection of microgames and amusing Story mode, the motion controls might leave some players longing for the simplicity of earlier WarioWare games.

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