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Epic Games Store Continues Free Game Giveaways

Epic Games Store Continues Free Game Giveaways and Exclusives, Enhancing its Competitive Edge

The Epic Games Store (EGS) has proven to be a formidable competitor in the realm of digital storefronts, especially when it comes to rivaling with powerhouse Steam. As EGS has announced its ambitious plan to continue its weekly free game giveaways throughout 2024, it appears this digital platform is untiring in striving to bring as many users as possible to their launcher.

According to reliable leaker billbil-kun, the Epic Games Store will not only continue with the free game giveaways but also secure more exclusive game deals on its platform. This move differentiates EGS from other online gaming marketplaces and ensures that more PC gamers stick with the store.

In the first month of 2024, Epic Games Store already gave away four games, including:

Moreover, the upcoming title, Sail Forth, will be free from January 11 through January 18, as announced by the platform.

Although some PC gamers have resisted using the Epic Games Store due to its exclusives and for lacking certain features compared to Steam, EGS has seen immense growth since its launch in December 2018. The platform currently boasts over 160 million users and has generated more than $3.65 billion in revenue, according to Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games.

Sweeney has declared that “competitive ecosystems are key,” a statement that seems to echo the EGS strategy. “Steam’s success allowed us to build the Epic Games Store, and we hope to take lessons from success to lower barriers for creators,” Sweeney added.

While EGS may not yet match Steam in terms of features, offering free games and hunting for exclusives has allowed it to grab the attention of gamers. For instance, EGS has secured exclusivity deals with blockbuster titles such as Metro Exodus, World War Z, and Borderlands 3.

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Owen Good, an industry expert, advises fellow gamers not to ignore EGS: “While it’s understandable that some gamers would prefer to have all their games in one digital library, the Epic Games Store is offering generous freebies and enticing exclusives. It’s hard to overlook the value that EGS is bringing to the table.”

Love, Spielberg’s anticipated video game adaptation of the famed director’s 2012 film, is rumored to be an upcoming exclusive arrival on the platform. This potential exclusive could further intensify the competition between Epic Games Store and other digital distribution platforms.

As the Epic Games Store continues to offer exclusive titles and customer-friendly features, it is actively positioning itself as a significant player in the gaming industry—potentially reshaping the future of online gaming marketplaces.

Stay tuned to catch all the latest games and exclusives lined up on EGS, and don’t forget to claim your free games each week. Happy gaming!

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