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Harold Halibut Review – Lost In Its Own Deep Sea

Harold Halibut Review – Lost In Its Own Deep Sea

“Harold Halibut” is a distinctive narrative-driven game that ventures into the depths of storytelling and handmade aesthetics. But does its breadth of ideas capsize under the heavy weight of its own narrative?


The day-to-day mechanics of Harold’s existence aboard the FEDORA are charming in their monotony, designed to emulate the routine of its protagonist. From scrubbing away graffiti to fixing machinery, the game replicates the rhythm of Harold’s life. However, the simplicity of these tasks — checking off items on a PDA-like device — paradoxically gives life to the spaceship. But when the gameplay takes an unexpected turn with the discovery of a fish-like humanoid, the player’s role extends beyond maintenance into the realm of interspecies diplomacy.


Narratively, “Harold Halibut” sails turbulent waters, addressing themes like introspection and self-worth through the lens of its handcrafted characters. The story intricately touches on various plotlines, ranging from corporate scheming to extraterrestrial philosophies. Each character aboard the FEDORA has a rich backstory that enhances the believability of this underwater colony, yet as laborious conspiracies and ideological battles unfold, the focus becomes muddled, underexplored and sometimes overshadowed by its own story ambitions.

Graphics and Visuals

Where “Harold Halibut” surfaces as a visual masterpiece is in its unique handmade art style. Every asset — meticulously sculpted and digitized — creates a captivating world that commands attention and forms the backdrop of Harold’s life, making gameplay a visually enthralling experience.

Sound and Music

The auditory elements of “Harold Halibut” are understated yet purposeful. The music swells and recedes, a perfect accompaniment to the ebb and flow of life aboard the ship. Sound effects are thoughtfully placed, solidifying the player’s immersion in this beautifully strange aquatic environment.

Overall Impression

“Harold Halibut” is a game of juxtapositions — surface simplicity against deep-sea complexity, a routine existence against existential upheaval. Its strongest currents are the intimate stories of its characters, which are unfortunately not given the space to fully breathe amidst a crowded plot. Yet, for all its narrative ambition, the game’s enchanting visuals and profound character development make it an endeavor worth exploring. It is a testament to the personal touch that permeates every aspect of its evocative, subaqueous world.

While the voyage of “Harold Halibut” may feel lost in its own narrative scope, the heart and soul built into its characters and world ensure that the game leaves an indelible impression on those indie gamers, narrative enthusiasts, and adventure fans willing to take the plunge.

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