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Dota 2’s Best Player of 2023, Watson, Reveals Patch 7.35b Tier List

Dota 2’s Best Player of 2023, Watson, Reveals Patch 7.35b Tier List

In a recent interview, the unparalleled Dota 2 prodigy Watson, who consistently held the number one spot on the Dota 2 ranked leaderboards throughout 2023, has revealed his Tier List for Patch 7.35b. Even without any major tournament wins this year, Watson’s unprecedented gameplay attracted significant attention as he conquered the number one and two spots on the European leaderboard. With experience across multiple regions and an unmatched understanding of the carry role, Watson’s Patch 7.35b Tier List is expected to heavily influence both professional and ranked play.

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Watson’s 7.35b Tier List: S-Tier Dominance and Surprising Contenders
  • S-tier: Morphling, Templar Assassin, Faceless Void, Luna, Slark, Naga Siren, and Medusa
  • A-tier: Terrorblade, Lina, Monkey King, Arc Warden, Anti-Mage, and Pudge
  • B-tier: Chaos Knight, Sven, Phantom Lancer, Ursa, Weaver, and Windranger

While the S-tier heroes align closely with the highest win rates in ranked matches, Watson’s inclusion of a few under-rated heroes has certainly raised eyebrows. Fiercely loyal to his playstyle, the best player of 2023 has devised groundbreaking strategies that continue to defy conventional gameplay methods.

S-Tier Heroes: Taking Advantage of High Win Rates

Arc Warden and Faceless Void – boasting a staggering 55 percent win rate – are dominating the current meta, as expected. However, Watson’s distinguished playstyle is more unconventional and seems to rely on exploiting the strengths of heroes that may not necessarily be popular choices or have earned the highest win rates in the Immortal bracket. Watson’s successful utilization of heroes like Templar Assassin and Lina, both struggling with sub-50 percent win rates, hints at the prowess of this outstanding player as he exhibits the ability to maximize their untapped potential.

New Additions to the Tier List: Unconventional Picks

The most surprising element of Watson’s Tier List is the inclusion of the seemingly struggling Terrorblade, who, despite a paltry 45 percent win rate in the Immortal bracket, finds itself in the A-tier category. Simultaneously, Watson’s partiality towards Pudge piques interest, as this hero has been a widely debated character in recent times, known for its versatility and role-shifts.

The Future of Dota 2 Gameplay: Insights Gained from Watson’s Tier List

The key takeaway from Watson’s interview and Tier List reveal is the significance of understanding individual hero potential, regardless of simple win rate statistics. As the best player of 2023, Watson has demonstrated that pushing the boundaries of conventional strategies and focusing on specific heroes’ diverse capabilities can lead to significant successes in-game.

Overall, Watson’s Patch 7.35b Tier List carries immense weight and is likely to impact the strategies employed by both professional and ranked players in the near future. As the Dota 2 community eagerly awaits further advancements and revolutionary tactics in this ever-evolving game, one thing is certain: Watson is setting a high bar for fellow players and continues to redefine the possibilities within the game.


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