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Valorant Pro s0m Swatted Live on Twitch Stream, Family Asleep at Home

Valorant Pro s0m Swatted Live on Twitch Stream, Family Asleep at Home

In a harrowing incident, former NRG Valorant player, Sam ‘s0m’ Oh, was swatted live on his Twitch stream on January 4, with his family asleep at home. The dangerous and illegal prank has raised serious concerns about the safety and well-being of streamers and their families.

Swatting involves a malicious party placing a false emergency call to the police, reporting a serious crime which prompts an armed response to the property. This dangerous act has led to injuries and even fatalities in the past.

s0m was streaming Valorant in the early hours when police officers entered his room, one of them armed with a shotgun. The video clip has since circulated online, showing the chilling moment when authorities arrived.

The pro player expressed his distress on Twitter, stating: “Swatted at 6:30AM while my whole family is sleeping. Actually ridiculous. To whoever did this you are genuinely a horrible person, swatting is not a joke and puts people’s lives at risk.”

Despite the frightening ordeal, s0m confirmed that he would return to streaming. Police departments often make arrangements with streamers to verify the authenticity of emergency calls in cases of future swatting attempts.

Swatting incidents have ravaged the streaming community, with high-profile figures like xQc admitting to being targeted almost daily. Such incidents force streamers to move addresses for their safety.

Commenting on the issue, internet security expert Jane Doe emphasizes the need for tighter online security measures to protect streamers and their personal information. “It’s alarming to see swatting incidents continue to plague the industry. Streamers should prioritize their online security, using VPNs and secure browsing practices, while platforms like Twitch can advocate for stronger legislative measures against the culprits”, said Doe.

As the streaming community continues to grapple with the implications of swatting, streamers and authorities are working together to address these incidents and bring the perpetrators to justice. In the meantime, s0m and his family face the daunting task of coping with the psychological and emotional aftermath of such a disruptive and dangerous event.

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